Waterproof Dog Mat Folding Pet Bed Mat


SKU: 15482537-black-m

This Folding Pet Bed Mat is Multi Functional Pet Bed for Your Four Legged Buddy !!

Multi Functional Pet Bed featuring waterproof nylon fabric and a mesh center, this elevated travel dog bed keeps your best furry pal cool and dry during all seasons. The cover is made from durable, plush fleece that will stand up to normal use. If You don't find soft carpeting during your stay or travel and  your dog is accustomed to, this will provide the comfort Your pet needs. Can also perform functioning of seat cover on the backseat of the car to prevent slipping and to contain any dog hair.

  • The bed is machine-washable and should be hung to dry. 
  • Applicable to: small, medium and large dogs (for outdoor or indoor use)
  • Easy to clean,your pet will love it
  • This dog blanket is foldable, won't take up too much space, light-weight and easy to be carried
  • Dog blanket is waterproof, can be used for outdoor travel like picnic, camping, beach etc, indoor sofa, bed and other furniture, also used for car seat protector
  • Available in Black color with 60cm length and 45cm width.