Vehicle Car Seat Belt Seatbelt Harness Lead Clip


SKU: 11400764-black-24mmx680mm

Designed for Optimal Pet Safety and Security !!!!

No need to waste your time and energy in hooking and unhooking your pet's seat belt.A hassle-free seat belt clip designed to latch into your car with ease. Our Vehicle Car Seat Belt is made of high quality nylon fabric, durable buckles and adjustable strap. To attach to the dog's harness, our Safety Belt uses an easy to grasp, durable, carabiner for quick release in case of an emergency. Swivel clip design let your pet easily spin around in their seats without getting tangles in leash to protect from danger.

Our solid Harness Lead offers adjustable length to let your pet stand, sit or lay down freely and safety. It is convenient and ready to use when your four-legged friend is a passenger. Available in black, yellow, blue, red, purple, green, pink and white color to let you buy according to your choice.