Top Quality Large Breed Dog Bed Sofa Mat House


SKU: 5949636-as-picture-show-50x40x20cm

Let Your Pet Feel Special with Top Quality Large Breed Dog Bed  !!!

Super Soft and Comfy Bed with plaid pattern is made from waterproof fleece fabric with 100% cotton that lines the sleep surface is soft and gentle on noses and paws, providing insanely luxurious snuggles and optimum levels of coziness for your sleepy pup. Sofa Mat House Includes a special interior layer that reflects pets' body heat to provide comfort and warmth. The suede-covered bolsters and gusseted base offer additional nuzzling surfaces for furry pet. This adorable bed come in a few different sizes so you can find the perfect bed for your best friend.

  • With a lightweight polyester construction, basket plaid bed works as a travel bed for pets and pet parents on the go.
  •  Non-skid bottom keeps the dog bed in place for worry-free placement on tile and hardwood floors in the home.
  • Cushioned bed can be hand washed to keep pets' sleeping space clean
  • Fits for all breeds of bets i.e small, medium and large pets dogs i.e pug, Yorkshire, Labrador, Husky, Golden retriever, cats etc
  • Available in shown picture color with Small(800g), M(1100g) and L(1900g) sizes and weights.