3 Way Couplers Pet Walking Lead 55" Long


SKU: 10629207-random-color-m

Durable Dog Leash, A Must for Dogs Owners To Enjoy Taking them Out !!!

Our 3 way Couplers Pet Walking Lead is made with strongest diameter climbing durable nylon rope with a durable Metal Clip hook for You and your dog safety. This soft and comfortable leash will not damage your cute pets' sensitive skin. Now take your three pets on walk together and control them all with our 3 way couplers lead.This durable leash let you walk and enjoy without any problem. 

Retractable Leash gives your dog more freedom to wander, sniff and poke around. Length is a perfect balance between freedom and control, gives enough freedom to your dog and everything absolutely under your control.

3 dogs are allowed to walk together once!