Doggie Stylz Multi-Functional Full-Body Lifting Dog Harness Vest, Designed for Front-Only, Rear-Only or Full-Body Dog… Price: $39.99$44.99 (as of 24/10/2021 14:38 PST- Details)

Size:Small (Pack of 1) | Color:Red

Is your dog getting older, injured or recovering from a surgery? Than look no further than this high quality multi-functional dog harness. This unique dog lifting harness features both front and rear sections. Use just the front section for daily activities, just the rear section to help lift rear legs or combine them for maximum lifting assistance. The harness is designed to lift both the legs and abdomen together so pressure isn’t concentrated on one area for your pet and cause possible injury. The Full-Body lifting harness helps with your injured, older or recovering dogs with ease and comfortable access. Works great to help with climbing stairs, walks outside or bathroom breaks.

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