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"Received our 6th order from Dog Site World today and we have nothing but great things to say about their service. Not only are the products excellent, but the service provided is highly professional and truly one of a kind.

Whenever we've needed answers regarding product questions, order status updates or tracking information, they've always been there to provide assistance in a polite and timely manner. We look forward to every delivery (so does the dog), because we know the products and service is great.

Keep up the good work. Highly recommended.

Thank you guys,"

Raymond Cowie

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Testimonial 2

“I live in a very rural area with the nearest town having only 3,000 people. The choices I have for my dog’s food are very limited at the nearest store. I love dogsiteworld.com because I can get the nutritious food I want for him delivered to my doorstep. I also have ordered several other things like a leash, doggie toys, bones etc. The service is great and the products come quickly. Thank you dogsiteworld.com!“       

Jack R. –Rancher – Winner,SD 

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Testimonial 3

“We recently added a new addition to our family- a 6 month old Cocker Spaniel. The kennel we bought her at suggested we check out dogsiteworld.com for all our needs. They were right! We had so much fun going through and picking out what we wanted in the comfort of our own home. Everyone was excited when the packages arrived. The prices are right, the convenience is great, and the quality is excellent. We too now recommend friends to dogsiteworld.com.“

Kim D. –Housewife- Raliegh, NC

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Testimonial 4

I’m not big into going to those overpriced big box pet stores to get the things I want for my dog Duke.  I prefer to shop online and dogsiteworld.com has all the things I want and more. The customer service is great and the products they carry are top notch. It saves me time and money to use dogesiteworld.com and I highly recommend them to dog lovers everywhere.”     

Jerry “Jack” B. –Fire Fighter- Lubbock, TX

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Testimonial 5

"Awesome product, this dog accessory is absolutely fantastic for my ageing family dog. I have been searching for this type of high quality dog food dish for ages and finally found the perfect match on dogsiteworld. The low prices and the free international shipping costs was a welcome addition not always found online, but I finally succeeded in giving my old dog a welcome relief at food time and a fantastic piece of luck for me. Although it took a little longer to be delivered with free shipping, it was well within the time displayed on your store."

Jessica "Emily" Anderson - Teacher - San Francisco, California

Testimonial 6


"I live in the US and I work with well trained working dogs throughout the seasons here in Montana, US. The dog products and dog supplies that I buy for of my working dogs is very important for them so as to maintain their, alertness, energy and vitality which need to outlast their long working day.
I know Dogsiteworld Store have been online since about 2004, as I have known others who have bought their dog supplies from them for many years. What’s good enough for them is good enough for me.
If you decide to take advantage of Dogsiteworld’s free delivery, then do what I do and plan ahead with your dog supplies order in advance of about a few weeks as free delivery is the cheapest delivery option available and rarely available on online pet supplies stores.
I used to buy next day delivery, although then I ended up paying as much or more for next day delivery than spending on the dog supplies here in Montana.
So for free delivery option, plan your ordering of dog supplies in plenty of time and they will be delivered to your door free of charge."


Testimonial 7


"Hi I am Isabel Tessa 33 Year Old I Am From USA. I love my dog and I train my dog. I bought dog products from online sites for my 5 dogs for the last 6 years and I found it expensive to say the least. Then I started reading Dogsiteworld’s free dog healthcare articles and after researching their low prices and as their prices are upto 70% discounted, I now buy all my dog supplies from Dogsiteworld and not only saved upto 70% discounted prices but also free delivery to my door, savings on leaving the car at home. Cheaper than visiting my local pet store.
There is nothing that needs to be said about this fantastic free dog training tips, dog health and dog care articles and blogging site as its the best of the best with unique and content rich blogging articles."


Testimonial 8


"Hi, I am Kyra Eva From USA and I am 34 Year Old. I like pets, fast food and travelling. I have done my study in Economics and have this to say about Dogsiteworld Store.
Cost of providing for my three beautiful dogs was getting me down, then I read these content rich articles at the same time took advantage of reducing my dog supplies costs of upto 70% discounted prices and having my dog products, dog jewelry, dog supplies and pet supplies delivered to my home with fantastic free delivery. This store saved me loads of cash especially with free delivery."

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