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About Us- DogSiteWorld Store

For those people who are looking for the leading online pet supplies store, worry no more since DogSiteWorld Store is the perfect option that you should explore and consider. We have been serving our clients since 2004 and this is one of the top reasons why we are recognized as the #1 leading online pet supplies store with a knowledgeable global audience.

We understand our customers and potential customers concerns regarding the increased prices regarding all aspects of the weekly financial budgetary restrictions on the family budgets. We offer free shipping although, it is important to understand that the free shipping will mean you will likely be waiting for your free shipping product for a minimum of 10 business days. Incidentally, it could take up-to five business days to select your dog supplies and then ship your dog products to your international location.

We have decided to bear the cost again of the increasing shipping rates, and offer free shipping to many international country's, we are unable to determine the length of time we can continue to offer free shipping, although as caring pet owners we will not rush to a decision without feedback from our devoted customer base. - Please refer to Shipping and Delivery Page for in-depth explanation.

We, at DogSiteWorld Store have always and continue to provide our well respected clients with first class quality dog supplies, dog accessories, dog jewelry and dog products all at reasonable and affordable discounted prices that will fit well within their family income and budget. In addition to this, we also offer up-to at least 50 percent with many more dog products and dog supplies far in excess of 50% genuine discounted prices on many of our dog supplies departments that are delivered free – free for selected items, to your door. Incidentally, on every dog supplies product page you will be given a full extended description and in-depth review from genuine customers of every product sold to guarantee your purchasing decisions are based on your dog’s needs, in addition, on the side bar of every product page there is discounts applicable and the relevant products reviews, being up to 70% discounted pricing and above displayed with full in-depth descriptions, visit DogSiteWorld Store today and see for yourself the amazingly affordable discounted prices available in all dog supplies departments. The search facility used is one of the most technically advanced search facility available, in an effort to offer our customers direct access to all discounted dog products available throughout the entire store, we are offering 21st century mobile technology to ensure the ordering process is efficient, effective and simplistic. In addition, ordering your dog supplies at DogSiteWorld Store remains easy because the site is cell phone, smartphone and phablet/tablet friendly allowing the user not being restricted ordering their dog supplies from their bulky desktop or laptop. Ordering your dog products by their technologically advanced cell phone, smartphone or phablet/tablet remains a simplistic process even when having a few minutes peace when engaging in any leisure or entertaining activity even eating your favorite meal in your favorite restaurant.

Our Aims and Values

We, at DogSiteWorld Store with our unique, original and content rich dog care articles – available nowhere else online, will provide you with all the dog care knowledge to become a caring dog owner in an effort to base your dog caring decisions on your dog’s needs to offer solutions through acquired knowledge to protect your dog by making the right decisions that you will need to succeed in your dog caring journey with exceptional support and guidance available. We became the superb #1 leading online pet supplies store since 2004. Our aims and core values is to provide our respected clients with high quality dog accessories, dog products, dog jewelry, dog supplies and pet supplies that come with an affordable discounted price within every department that you can afford.

Most of our customers who already avail our dog products and dog accessories are all happy and satisfied with the quality of our dog supplies status. We will assure our valued clients that they will never go wrong in choosing us as the best #1 leading online pet supplies store. We worked hard since 2004 to ensure, and assure our clients that we can meet all the needs and desires of our clients and their beloved dogs.

All of our dog products, dog accessories, dog jewelry, dog leads and leashes and dog harnesses are proven and tested to being effective in giving your dog optimum control,  health and vitality, and all at affordable discounted prices and delivery is right to your door with all items delivered free to your door. If you desire to avail our dog products online store, just feel free to visit our website at http://dogsiteworld.com and we will be glad and pleased to assist and help you with your discounted dog supplies needs. While visiting the DogSiteWorld Store remember that getting knowledge enable you to protect your dog by making all the right decisions by reading, understanding and following the contents of the genuine customer reviews and within the free unique, original and content rich dog care articles specially written by experts in the dog health and care field.

Fast Track Your Knowledge to a Caring Dog Owner.

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