Tie Out Cable Leash For Dogs


SKU: 3489554-black-10m

Tie Out Cable Leash, Crack and Rust Resistant !!

Our tie-out cable is made of galvanized steel wire rope with PVC coating for crack resistant and rust-resistant performance.  Tie Out cable leash is weather resistant; can withstands year after year even more from snowy to hot summers. Heavy duty enough that once it's screwed in the ground there is no way they are going to be able to remove it! Dog stake for yard can hold up to 60 pounds and is available in different lengths and styles to accommodate pet parents' needs. 

Ideal for keeping your dog tethered whilst camping, to the park and for other outdoor pursuits. Available in 3M, 5M and 10M lengths with Black, Blue, Red and White color provides a sleek appearance and makes it easy to see and locate on the ground or in the grass.