Retractable Dog Leash


SKU: 20123759-as-show-10ft-3-meter

A Retractable, 3M Pet Leash With Floral Print Casing For Your Beautiful Dog !!!!

Fashion Print Cover, Retractable Pet Leash is made from premium quality plastic material; strong, durable, flexible, adjustable, weather resistant withstands during the whole year from hot summer to snowy winter. Our retractable dog leash  let your dog feel free and happy. Telescopic design offers retractable belt get stretch automatically and pull back. Retractable Dog Leash offers Single hand braking and locking system with large handle enables easy and secure grip. Push-Button with lock let your dog enjoy a  good range and freedom of movement.

Our Beautiful, Printed cover leash fits for small and medium sized pets i.e. dogs, cats etc.  Available in shown colors to let you buy according to your best choice.

Color: 11 colors
Leash length: 3m (10ft), max tension 25 pounds