Pet Supplies Durable Padded Dog Leash fo


SKU: 134961-gold-s

Beautiful, Stripped, Multicolor Leash for Your Cute Pet !!!

Our Durable Padded Leash is made of premium quality, soft canvas cloth with PU leather material; strong, durable and soft. Durable Leather and Soft Cloth let your pet comfortable. Multi color, rainbow straps design let your dog look beautiful and cute more than ever. This Durable Padded Leash is weather resistant; withstands during each season from sunny to snow days. Our Multicolor leash features buckle, easy to wear and quick to release without any discomfort.

This durable leash with strong grip handle let you stop your little pet from advancing, let it under control. Perfect prop to bring your beloved pet for a walking and keep it safe. Available in small(1.5*120 cm), medium(2.0*120 cm) and large(2.5*120 cm) sizes.