Dog Leash Automatic Retractable


SKU: 23553908-grey-dog-leash-5m

Automatic Retractable Dog Leash, Let Your Walks A Pleasure Time !!

Our Automatic Retractable Dog Leash is made of durable plastic shell, and the anti-slip handle makes it more reliable and let you walk safely with your dog. Durable Leash is weather resistant, withstands throughout the year. With retractable style design, the leash auto stretches out and draw back, so you don't need to follow your dogs all the time since the leash is flexible. Let your dog enjoy a very good range and freedom of movement, still under your control.One-handed braking and locking system let you stop pet from running.

This durable leash is perfect for dogs walks and runs, it is solid and strong enough for large dog, as well as medium and small size dogs. Let you enjoy more pleasure time when walking with dog at garden, park ,garage or street.