7 Color Print Dog Collar Pet Puppy Scarf Leash


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Pet Scarf Leash, A Great Fun and Fashion Accessory For Your Lovely Pet !!!

Puppy Scarf Leash is 100% new and made of premium quality material. Our Puppy Scarf Leash is durable, soft and weather resistant; withstands in all seasons from hot summers to snowy winters. This printed scarf leash is suitable for everyday use or special occasions. A perfect addition to your dog's wardrobe to let your pet rise and shine.

This item is not a collar but a fashion accessory and should not be used with a Lead. Our Pet Scarf , Fashionable Bandana is suitable for small and medium size pets. Printed Bandana offers a variety of colors i.e. Red, Black, Pink, Purple, Blue, Rose, Red, Light Blue to let you buy according to your choice.