Top 7 Cool Dog Benefits

Top 7 Cool Dog Benefits

Top 7 Cool Dog Benefits

Top 7 Cool Dog Benefits

Top 7 Dog Health Benefit Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle.

Top 7 Health Benefits of Dogs

Have we ever wondered why we have dogs as our trusted companions? Would you believe me if I told you that as a caring dog owner, spending quality time with our family pooch will create health and well-being benefits for both humans – us, and our family canines.

Owning and regularly interacting with our family dog don’t just fill our hearts with everlasting love and joy, dogs actually according to study confirms that having a pet can help improve fitness levels, relieve stress, lower blood pressure, stave off depression, as an elderly reduce doctors' visits, some dogs can detect a variety of illnesses and debilitation's and reduce high cholesterol levels and therefore boost overall happiness and well-being.

Taking your pooch for a swim. Top 7 Cool Dog Benefits.

Try walking for a healthier body.

  • Enjoy a cookout. Go to your favorite getaway take some healthy snacks for your family like veggies, fruit mixed, healthy nuts and remember cool fresh drinking water, don’t forget the water bowl for the dog! Remember the essential dog treats and his favorite fun dog toys similar to Frisbee and a ball to play a game of fetch or catch.
  • Taking advantage of the cool lawn sprinklers. What could be better than when weather is hot and sticky, grab your swimsuits and the essential sunscreen and run around with the youngsters and pooch in the cooling water spray.
  • Taking a refreshing dip. If you are fortunate enough to live near a beach, waterhole, lake or pool that is pooch friendly, take your pooch along for a refreshingly cool dip. All the better to enjoy a healthy walk back and forth.
  • Taking your pooch for a walk. There are many local funding charities who organise fundraising walks or fun runs for the whole family and pooch. You need to check before hand to ensure dogs are allowed. This will be an excellent activity as you will have the opportunity both becoming active and in return supporting a great cause.
  • Taking your pooch to the City Dog Park. If your pooch is integrated socially and completed dog training to a higher level, then why not head up to the local dog park and have some fun dog fun games like tossing a ball or if adequately trained run with the family pack, although remaining under supervised control at all times.
  • Just taking your pooch outside. With access to a backyard or a grassed area surrounding your home or within a few minutes’ walk away – assuming dog friendly area, take your pooch outside anytime where you can both enjoy some refreshingly fresh air and excellent company and can be accomplished if only about 15 minutes available for fun dog games like fetching by toss a ball and Frisbee retrieving. This type of informal outing with up to 15 minutes to spare is an essential way for exercising for both and important bonding time.
  • Taking pooch part school run. If it is safe for you and your children to walk home from school or walk from the local school bus drop off point, then take your dog to meet them then enjoy the walk home, this way it will benefit all participating members of the family at the same time go a long way to improve health and welfare at the same time will improve the essential bonding between family members and the family pooch.

For a healthy person, health experts highly recommend all healthy adults have at least 2.5 hours of moderate exercise per week. Health experts also conclude dog owners are more likely to exceed that goal. “People love to be outside to walk their dog, and be in the company with their dog” says Kay Joubert, Director Companion Animal Services at PAWS, a Washington-based animal advocacy organisation. “it helps them to be more active.”

Try walking for losing weight.

Health benefits from owning a dog. DogSiteWorld

Who can say they don’t want to lose a few pounds of weight! Research has consistently found that simple daily dog walks will force you into moderate physical exercise regime will help you lose weight. When only walking your pooch between 10 and thirty minutes at a time as this repeated exercise will mount up to a sizable amount of exercise on a weekly basis. One study confirmed public housing residents who walked “loaner” dogs consistently for five times a week lost an average of 14.4 pounds when compared to over a year. The fascinating part of this study was that the residents insisted it is a responsibility to the dog ‘…that they need us to exercise them’, rather than just an exercise to be beneficial to the residents and their weight loss.

Try walking to improve social life.

As most of us mere mortals are aware that the busier our working lives and especially as we increase in age, it becomes more difficult to find the time to get out and about to meet people. This is not the case for consistent dog caring walkers. Researchers have confirmed that at least 40% of dog walkers make friends more positively and possibly as the vast majority 4 in every 5, according to a study conducted in the UK …speak with other dog owners during their dog games and dog walks. “Dog owners in particular tend to be a little more extroverted, or outgoing” says Joubert. “When you start to engage them about their companion animal, people tend to open up and really blossom. They want to share stories about their favorite friend.”

Try assisting disease and injury.

Some health experts are convinced that a dog can help to detect, treat and manage a variety of specific illnesses and debilitation's. For example:

  • Specialist dogs have been trained and extremely effective to detect skin, kidney, bladder and prostate cancer, and the list is increasing.
  • It is a fact that Service Dogs benefit people with a variety illnesses and debilitation's including traumatic brain injury, autism to rheumatoid arthritis, thus increasing their mobility and promoting independence.
  • Experts in the field of Alzheimer’s patients are convinced dog’s play an integral part in having a settling and calming influence on sufferers, the companionship also seems to alleviate emotional flare-ups and aggression.

Finally, Try owning a dog to reduce stress.

Health benefits from owning a dog. Dog Site World

What if I told you that owning a family pooch can both reduce every day stress and add meaning and purpose to your daily life? Numerous studies have confirmed that spending a few minutes with a dog can lower anxiety and blood pressure, especially when family members are committed to participate in dog fun games like throwing a dog toy to retrieve, by increasing levels of serotonin and dopamine, the two essential neurochemicals that play a major role in being calm and a positive well-being. In addition, it is well known fact that people engaged in and performing stressful tasks can positively accomplish the task when there is a dog around to ease the tension. Studies also confirm a dog’s presence both ease tensions in the office and between married couples when caring for a family pooch.


To your success as a caring dog owner

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