Top 3 Ways Your Obese Dog to Slim Down

Top 3 Ways Your Obese Dog to Slim Down

Helping Your Obese Dog Slim Down

 Top 3 Ways Your Obese Dog to Slim Down

Just like humans, dogs can get fat.  But unlike people, it’s not something that your dog has an option to avoid because as a caring dog owner you are empowered to make all of his decisions concerning his nutritional intake as ensuring your family dog receives his full complement of his 23 essential ingredients all within his daily dog food diet.

Sleeping and resting in a comfortable dog bed such as sleeping in an extra-large dog bed preferably lying on a memory foam dog mattress – avoiding cramping conditions, which can inflict Hip Dysplasia and other serious dog joint illnesses,

Dog training including dog obedience training and dog training involving the all-important socialization dog training, and all other relevant decision-making empowered by your family dog that if careless and adverse decision choices can result in your family dog suffering from no fault of his own, some serious dog diseases and illnesses. 

If you are feeding your dog larger quantities of dog food within his daily dog food mix and lavishing him with larger qualities of his favorite tasty and high protein dog treats as rewards for successfully concluding his individual dog training sessions, then you now have the perfect recipe for your family canine to become dangerously overweight and suffer the serious consequences that obesity diseases can inflict on your devoted family dog.

The most important issue about dog obesity is the serious implications and severe health damage that can be inflicted on your beautiful and devoted family canine from being morbidly overweight. Furthermore once your family dog is diagnosed with an obesity disease the resulting veterinarian fees through diagnoses and treatment can become a heavily burden on any family financial purse. Yet the financial burden don’t stop on successful diagnosis as the treatment can be a financial burden for many years into the future and this financial burden could very well been avoided by reading and understanding relevant content rich articles by experts in the canine nutrition.

To avoid any risks of obesity in your family canine it is imperative that your feed your family dog a daily dog food mix specially formulated for canines, the dog food must not be processed involving any level of high temperatures within manufacturing process, as all heat will destroy not only the bacteria, molds and toxins within the unhealthy ingredients in inappropriate and cheap ingredients in the processed dog food, as the heat within the manufacturing process will destroy most of the essential vitamins, essential minerals and essential trace elements within the processed dog food.

The quality alternative and slightly more financially expensive to feeding your family canine the putrid contents of processed dog food, is a natural raw dog food which is specifically formulated for all canines and guaranteed to fulfil the family dog’s needs of his 23 essential ingredients within his daily dog food mix as all of the ingredients within the natural raw dog food is made from fresh meat. Vegetables and fruit ingredients then freeze dried and packaged and ready for feeding to your beautiful and devoted family dog.

The natural raw dog food that contains the full complement of your canines essential ingredients because of the lack of heat within its manufacture, is often referred to as dehydrated dog food and this natural dog food would likely be your family canine’s first choice dog food within his daily dog food diet, as the natural dog food mix is specifically formulated for your family dog containing only fresh natural meat, vegetables and fruit with no unnatural ingredients only wholesome and natural dog food.

 Helping Your Obese Dog Slim Down

Allowing your family dog to continuously gorge himself on excess dog food meals and letting him lie around the house all day without moving a few feet from his always full dog food bowl, he will definitely become morbidly overweight.  And, as your dog gets older, his weight gain will be more likely to increase and easily can become even more noticeable as he loses energy as less likely to participate in strenuous exercise and unlikely to enjoy or even wish to participate in long and tedious walks in the dog park, which he used to relish with the only less energetic option open to him is to look forward to having dog food more often.

If you want to help your dog living a long and healthy life then you need to help him lose that extra weight.  Obesity drastically increases a dog’s risk of cancer, diabetes, and organ failure as he ages. Unfortunately that is not the end of the problems likely to be caused by obesity as there are other more or less serious conditions that can be noticed with an obese dog – Long-term effects of obesity in dogs:

  • Decreasing stamina
  • Intolerance to exercise
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Heat intolerance
  • High blood pressure
  • Insulin intolerance
  • Liver dysfunction or liver disease
  • Osteoarthritis

It is a fact among dog nutritional experts that you can literally kill your family dog with kindness as those excess amounts of daily dog food within his dog bowl and those full of protein and carbohydrates doggie treats you readily give your family canine daily in plentiful proportions usually give you the illusion that your family canine is all well and enjoying the best of health and vitality.

Although in reality the extra dog food within his daily dog food mix and those daily rations of tasty dog treats is not only resulting in extra weight on your dog’s skeleton and damages that causes, but also causing lasting damage to your family dog’s internal organs, bones and joints, and some of these damaging health conditions cannot be reversed even with a change of dog diet.

It is important to start with prevention when your dog is young and you can reduce the risk of disease throughout your dog’s life thereby allowing your canine family member and you to have a lifelong relationship based on trust and loyalty with all of your decisions towards your family canine need to be based on informed choices as a caring dog owner and not for your dog’s sake, based on ignorance and myths.


Step One:  Food Intake


The first thing you should do for your dog is take charge of his diet.  In most cases obesity is simply due to a dog being fed too much each day.  Veterinarians suggest feeding the following amounts for your dog, based on their weight:


* Less than 10 pounds:  Feed 1/3 to 1 cup of food per day

* 10-25 pounds:  Feed 1-2 1/4 cups per day

* 25-50 pounds:  Feed 2-3 cups per day

* 50-75 pounds:  Feed 3-5 cups per day

* Over 75 pounds:  Feed 5-8 cups per day


These measurements are for dry dog food mix and the weights given are for normal, healthy dogs.  If your dog is already overweight or obese, you should take into consideration what a healthy dog for your dog’s breed should weigh.

You can start cutting out your dog’s extra food by feeding your dog two meals per day.  Split his recommended food amount into two meals.  Some people like to put down the dog’s ration once a day and keep filling the bowl throughout the day but that’s the best way in the world to make your dog obese.  Instead, feed your dog two smaller meals per day and carefully measure the amounts you put in the bowl.

You should also cut out unnecessary treats and table scraps.  Treats are fine as a training tool but you shouldn’t give them to your dog continuously.  It’s okay to give your dog one or two treats per day but if you keep giving your dog treats all day they will add pounds to your dog.  Table scraps add weight, too.


Step Two:   Exercise


Ask anyone who’s been on a diet and they will probably tell you that it’s not enough to eat less.  They also have to add some exercise to lose weight.  It’s the same way with your dog.  Luckily, most dogs enjoy exercising.

Unless your dog is elderly or he’s lost his energy, he will probably enjoy getting out going for a walk or running.  But you must give your dog the opportunity!  Your dog may sit around the house all day, but don’t assume that he doesn’t want to go out and get some exercise.  You have to go outside with him and give him the chance to exercise.

Step Two:   Play Fun Games

If you don’t have a chance to go out, then spend time playing fun games with your dog indoors.  Play some games.  Play fetch with your dog and teach your dog to chase some dog toys through the house.  If you have a small dog then you won’t even have to get up when you play fetch with him.

Even if you have a dog with a low energy level, often times when you start making changes in your dog’s diet you will start to see some changes in their level of energy.  If you take them outdoors after you change their diet, you may see that your dog is more alert and energetic.  Your dog may feel like playing again.

Do keep in mind that if your dog is very overweight or obese, or unhealthy in any way, that you should talk to your veterinarian before making changes to your dog’s daily dog food diet or undertaking any kind of fitness regimen with your dog.  You want to make sure that you aren’t putting any undue stress on your dog’s body with the changes you want to make.  Your vet can give you some expert and professional advice.

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