The Ultimate 10 Dog Safety Tips

The Ultimate 10 Dog Safety Tips

The ultimate 10 dog safety tips DogSiteWorld

The Ultimate 10 Dog Safety Tips

As a caring dog owner, we are all aware that the safety of our family companion is of paramount importance. That is exactly why you are prepared to read this unique and content rich blog article so you will be in a unique position to actively make informed choices about keeping your family canine safe and healthy to life a long life together and will also give you peace of mind that you have accomplished your dream of a long life together.

We are aware it is virtually impossible to expect to keep out family dogs safe and protected from all danger throughout their every day existence as we know that would be an impossible task. However, the best we can expect is to educate ourselves to a point where with knowledge concerning risk assessments, we can reduce the potentially dangerous situations of our beloved companion through positive avoidance tactics.

These Ultimate 10 Dog Safety Tips by reading, understanding and following the safety tips can go a long way in helping you to protect you family companion to a point where both of you can enjoy protection for a long and happy extended life together.

In some ways having a family dog is like having a child.  You must do all of the thinking and planning for him.  You must be prepared for every contingency and being consistent.  That means being prepared in case of emergencies and taking the proper precautions ahead of time.

Here are some tips that should help you take good care of your dog:

  1. Make sure that your dog is up-to-date on his vaccinations and that he always has proper dog tags and dog tags ID. Microchips are recommended.  This is a great help should your dog ever become lost.  It gives him the best possible chance of being returned to you if somebody finds him.
  2. Obey leash laws. This means that you should keep your dog safely contained in your own yard behind a fence.  When you have your dog out with you make sure that he is restrained on a good quality reflective dog collar or a heavy duty large dog harness and leash.  Don’t let your dog run loose, even when it looks safe to do so as a loud bang or a free running large aggressive dog running menacingly towards your dog, can involve your untethered dog to bolt either to him or away from him, into a collision with road vehicles he can easily be severely injured in the process of the melee.  At the very least this is dangerous to him and a nuisance to the neighbourhood, pedestrians and other vehicle and non-vehicle road users.
  3. Be careful what you feed your dog. No chocolate.  No onions.  No grapes, No raisins, No avocado, No garlic, No macadamia nuts, No raw eggs, No candy and No any substances containing even traces of caffeine.  If in doubt about something your dog eats or if you suspect poisoning call your local veterinarian immediately.  Know the number of your closest emergency vet clinic and the shortest route in case you have an emergency at night.

We may not realize that there are real dangers lurking unseen around the house, but do we really understand the hidden dangers easily accessible around the house? These hidden dangers must be understood in its entirety in order to protect your furry companion. All caring dog owners should know that ordinary household cleaning supplies, a large selection of human food, and notably the dangers related to antifreeze is well known and must be avoided at all costs.

Additionally, many caring dog owners do not realize the absolutely potentially fatal consequences to your family dog relating to the dangers of airborne toxins. Pet inhalation of airborne toxins, like bleach vapors, second hand smoke, and paint fumes, not only have damaging health risks for humans, but also for your canine companion.

Although as a caring dog owner you are now aware of the dangers associated with household cleaning supplies, but what is not obvious is the danger to family pets when it comes to house renovations such as construction dust, home insulation particles, asbestos or mold, remembering that all renovation dangers to people can also be dangerous, even fatal to your canine companion.

As a caring dog owner, you are committed to your family dog’s safety and that all it seems is to use common sense and remembering the commonly held saying; Is any substances or vapors is dangerous to me, then it is likely to be dangerous for all my family pets.

  1. 4. Crate train your dog. Your dog should ride in a dog crate in your vehicle.  This is the safest way for your dog to travel.  Dog crate training is also a great way to help house train your dog.  If you ever intend to fly anywhere with your dog, he will also need to fly in a crate.
  2. Keep a pet first aid kit on hand and know how to use the contents. A good first aid kit should contain blankets, surgical tape, a muzzle, an antibacterial ointment (such as Neosporin), cotton swabs, tweezers, gauze and gauze pads, hydrogen peroxide, ipecac, scissors, forceps, diarrhea medication, and activated charcoal.  Remember that if your dog experiences an injury that he may react out of fear or pain.  Be careful in handling him.  He could bite you accidentally.
  3. Take special precautions in hot summer weather and during extreme cold. Remember that dogs can’t sweat and that they suffer during extremes of weather just as people do.  They should not be left in vehicles during either extreme, even for a few minutes.
  4. Remember that your dog always needs fresh water available. Dogs can become severely dehydrated within an extremely short period of time, just as people can and knowing and understanding that fatalities through emergency admission among humans and dogs can occur regularly from severe dehydration and severe heat exposure. It is important that you must allow your dog have unlimited access to fresh drinking water. Buying your family dog a dedicated water feeding container can be a life saver all you need to do is to ensure you fill at least daily with fresh drinking water..
  5. Take special precautions with dogs when there may be fireworks or other loud noises. Many dogs are sensitive to these loud booms and can become frightened from them.  Some dogs can bolt and become lost.

4th of July especially is one of the most dangerous times for dogs and cats. There are a few tips in this category alone that needs to be understood and followed. Tips of note is, in case your pet bolts from the sheer fear of loud fireworks, it is advised to check the pets microchip has your current details, same with the details on the dog collar and nametag details is correct.

At dusk bring your pets indoors, as you never can tell if someone will set off a loud firework near your home – maybe throwing the firework over your yard fence. Lock shut all windows and doors as frightened pets have been known to leap through windows and screens, pets can be highly stressed many hours after the firework conclude, preferably keep pets in a room well away from the outside door in case someone enters the outside door to enter the home.

If you haven’t already turn on your music or TV turn on the music or TV volume up to a loud but bearable level in an attempt to muffle the noise of the loud bang from the fireworks. As a caring dog owner, it is imperative at this stage to ignore your pet’s fears allow them to hide, and don’t pay attention to their frightening behaviour, as you don’t want to unintentionally reward their frightening behaviour. The best remedy if possible is to engage your dog with his special dog toy or dog chew treat, although it is important you do not reward his frightening behaviour.

  1. Old dogs need special care. Keep an eye on their weight.  You don’t want them to be either too thin or too much overweight.  Both can be signs of an underlying health problem.  Make allowances for their age.  Provide a softer place to sleep, give them more time to eat, make their food more appealing.  Take them for a senior check-up starting when they’re about seven-years-old.
  2. Be patient with puppies. They come to you not knowing anything.  They will make mistakes.  Teach them using positive training techniques and they will be able to learn anything you want to teach them.  A trained dog is a happier dog and has a better chance of fitting into your home and lifestyle and living a wonderful life with you. Remembering for your puppy to live a healthy and happy life it is important to in the first place, keep him safe from all dangers, this is where you have a commitment as a caring dog owner to read, understand and follow the Ultimate 10 Dog Safety Tips. You will then be blessed with your happy and healthy canine companion for many years to come.

To your success as a caring dog owner

Desmo Boss

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