Secrets Revealed: The rising cost of keeping a dog healthy

Secrets Revealed: The rising cost of keeping a dog healthy

The rising cost of keeping a dog healthy

When we see a cuddly and beautiful puppy we automatically is thinking of I would love to have that beautiful puppy never mind the purchasing cost, but unfortunately the purchasing cost of the cuddly and beautiful puppy is the least of the worries for the thrilled puppy owner, as the purchasing cost of the puppy is nothing compared to the ongoing lifetime costs of associated with keeping the puppy healthy and free of diseases, and just as importantly well-nourished through feeding him a wholesome dog food diet which offers his complete quota of 23 essential vitamins, essential minerals and essential trace elements within his daily dog food mix and well cared for, and that is a cost which begins right from the very day of purchasing the puppy.

The health costs includes the numerous injections the puppy must have to combat various illnesses the puppy will be exposed to throughout the most vulnerable early months of the puppies life and injection boosters throughout his adult life, and unfortunately these illnesses which the puppy is vulnerable are some of the most deadly illnesses that can affect the young puppy, including the deadly Parva Virus, just to name one, unfortunately these expensive injections administered by the Vet must be followed each and every year by booster injections, and these booster injections will not only in the short term but also in the long term become a massive financial burden to the puppies owners, and again in the long term the booster prices will increase at the prices of inflation.

The nourishing dog food cost includes the daily expense of feeding the puppy and later the full grown dog with the nourishing dog food which must at all times be a balanced and staple diet, the dog food used must be of the highest standards, not like in decades past when the unfortunate puppy or dog in my community, only could exact to eat the uneaten scraps of food which was not fit enough to be eaten by all members of the family, and not even the children of the family received enough or nutritious diet, so the possibility that the family puppy or dog received an wholesome and nutritious diet in decades past was not guaranteed, the dog food can be bought either as wet dog food such as contained in dog food tins or as most often preferred by shoppers dog food as contained in sachet pouches.

The well cared for aspect for the puppy and the dog is associated with purchasing the appropriate Dog accessories and this to today puppy and dog owners tend to be a very important accessories as the dog must have dog accessories for the day to day living of the puppy or dog, firstly the priority for the puppy or dog owner is to furnish the puppy or dog with the necessary dog accessories to allow the puppy or dog to be comfortably and warm throughout the night or sleeping time, a dog basket type of container must be provided that will allow the puppy or dog plenty of room to lie down with enough freedom to comfortably change position while sleeping, in addition the puppy or dog must have sufficient blankets one for the puppy or dog to sleep on and these blankets must be provided clean and be washed as needed, usually on a weekly basis, another type of dog accessories which is a must for your puppy or dog is the dog lead, these dog leads come in many varied designs and lengths, and any online pet stores will sell the dog leads within their range of dog accessories, or more loosely classified within the category of dog products.

Buying either dog food, dog accessories or dog products it is of importance to search for and find a store which is prepared to offer discounts on a regular basis, as knowing your puppy or dog will require dog food on a daily basis, so if the puppy or dog owner is not actively searching for the most discounted prices for dog food, dog accessories and dog products then the daily shopping bill for your puppies or your dog’s short term and long term necessities and become a financial burden and so easily have an adverse influence on your spending power.

As a dog caring owner, we need to understand that there is a simple and effective way of making amazing savings when buying dog products and dog supplies online. Although, it sometimes amazes me why is it that some people just don’t see the value in understanding the most important elements of buying all dog supplies and dog products.

If you could choose a better buying system which involves the buying your pet supplies at the cheapest option, yet in the simple buying process you can genuinely buy your dog supplies and instantly benefit from your informed choices by having your dog products at amazingly discounted prices.

The simple buying process only involves the understanding what is the most expensive part of buying your dog jewelry, and that plain and simple is the transportation cost. The mere task of transporting your product to your home from online pet supplies store, will add as much as two thirds of the cost to your family budget.

If you were prepared to accept a short delay in receiving your essential dog supplies – on average about two weeks delivery time, then you will genuinely expect to receive an amazingly discounted pricing. In fact, it is the urge to receive the dog products the very next day which accounts for the two thirds of the extra cost to the dog accessory.

At DogSiteWorld Store we genuinely offer Free Delivery on most if not all your pet supplies within all departments, so if you are prepared to wait a few more weeks than the next delivery option, then you will see genuine discounted savings.

Would you be surprised if I told you that the final element of two which that increases the financial costs of buying dog products online is the simple understanding that the difference between many branded dog product and unbranded pet supplies is generally only, they are both manufactured within the same factory and on separate production lines.

Yet, the price difference between the branded and un-branded dog product can be staggering in favour of the branded dog accessory. Branded pet supplies will be more expensive because of the exclusivity factor yet could be manufactured within the same manufacturing process all be it a different and more exclusive and expensive design label.

To summarize, these two described purchasing elements will not on its own reduce your family dog’s vet’s financial commitments, although you will need to understand that by reducing your financial purchasing power by an average of at least a third and prepared to accept a delay receiving your dog supplies product by on average two weeks.

In addition to buying the cheaper version of the dog product or dog accessory, which will be the un-branded as opposed to buying the more exclusive although more expensive branded version, then you can expect to have an amazingly discounted dog products and you will only need to wait a few weeks longer than next day deliver.

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