How to buy affordable dog products?

How to buy affordable dog products?
How to buy affordable dog products at DogSiteWorld

How to buy affordable dog products?

What is it that helps you know whether you want to buy your dog products from an established online store?

There are an estimated billions of online stores available on the internet at anyone time. I dare say that most of the online stores are believe that they are delivery an affordable product to their potential customers. Although we all know from bitter experience, that many online stores since the ‘online bubble’ have burst, that many online stores have not manage to defeat the test of time, and unfortunately by offering affordable products they have ultimately faded away into oblivion.

Online dog supplies stores have an obvious disadvantage as they are trying to compete with the ginormous multi- national company’s and as it is nigh impossible to buy in massive amounts of pet supplies stock to have a change to compete with the big companies, then unfortunately, then the undercutting of prices repeatedly have an adverse effect on the liquidity of the online pet supplies store and finally succumb to the inevitable reality of closing down.

Which do not benefit the dog supplies customer, instead by reducing the multi-national companies’ active competition, they are at liberty to increase their profit by increasing their prices to substantially boost their profit margins.

As a customer this undercutting process by smaller online pet supplies stores, can be of benefit to your purchasing power on an erratic and time limited period basis.

It does not provide with a trustworthy base to buy your pet supplies and dog products at the genuine and affordable discounted prices, and in between these short periods of cost-cutting, you are then at the mercy of buying your dog products from a multi-national company who have no interest or empathy as a caring dog owner that prefer to offer you an opportunity to save cash on your dog supplies purchases, you are then buying your pet supplies where the bottom line is only profit and more profit.

The bottom line is there is an online pet supplies store who do not actively compete with the ginormous multi-nationals and have had an online presence since 2004 and still remains competing on price with the company ‘biggies’ and yet not in any way competing to attract customers.

The store – DogSiteWorld, have been practicing a technique which large commercial prefer and don’t need to use as a means to create loads of profit – the technique do not offer the massive access to profits that would only acceptable to the larger companies, so in a way our online store is still offering genuine discounted pricing throughout all departments by a dog caring store to all dog caring owners.

As we are not directly in competition with the large companies selling methods, then after many years we are still offering genuine, affordable discounted dog products prices to all caring dog owners.

So, why is it that some caring dog owners do not see the real benefits of buying their pet supplies and dog products at genuine discounted prices?

Not an easy question to honestly answer as an understanding of our aims and values especially towards our loyal caring dog owners – DogSiteWorld staff own pets and especially family dogs, so we are a pet orientated dog products store, the need to be understood why and how we do not compete with the medium and large companies is central to being able to offer genuine and affordable discounted prices and avoid the wrath and attention of the medium and large companies and remain an online presence and serving our loyal customers – and potential customers is more than welcome – remembering it is free to look at the pet supplies store with no commitment to buy or offer any relevant personal details if you prefer not too - since 2004.

I wouldn’t encourage you to visit DogSiteWorld Store if I wasn’t genuine, to invest your hard-earned cash on genuinely discounted and affordable dog products if when you as a potential visitor, you visit the pet supplies store and find you will not be impressed by what you see.

How can DogSiteWorld Store when not competing with the bigger pet supplies stores offer genuine and affordable discounted prices in all departments?

Firstly, for you to benefit from this in-depth blog article it is important you read, understand and follow the elements described within this blog.

An explanation needs to be understood about the reasons for this store not competing with the larger companies, which concluded with their downfall.

An understanding how the larger companies trade is important here – don’t worry, although I am an economist, I won’t bore you will economic theory.

The first main element which the larger companies adopt is to sell a large stock of branded dog supplies, and as these branded products can be bought relatively cheaply by multi-national companies as they have the financial and warehousing capacity – buying millions of dollars at a time, then have massive warehouses to store their stock.

They can then offer the branded products – in this case dog products, at prices which would ultimately bankrupt smaller companies – remembering the more cash you spend on stock the cheaper you will buy the dog products for, and this will allow the international companies to sell at an acceptable sale price to maximize their profit margin - easily secure higher profit margins. This trading system is a unique monopoly which virtually prevents smaller companies to compete as they don’t have the financial power to offer competition.

Branded products can not be bought cheaply as they are designer copyrighted and the design company determines their monopoly prices, and therefore unique to the company who owns the copyright and thus offered protection within the international law courts for any infringement.

DogSiteWorld for discounted dog products

Although of interest here is the fact that multi-national companies actively develop their own branded dog supplies – think of the multi-national company Tesco and many other large supermarkets, who sell their own branded products – copyrighted to Tesco, at a large profit, for Tesco is extremely profitable.

So, you can understand the financial reasons for Tesco and their competitors to own and sell their branded products as all the profits will be held by Tesco and their relevant competitors and not sharing profits to another outside copyrighted designer.

The main element that DogSiteWorld believes in is to only offer all un-branded pet supplies throughout all its pet supplies department, so the store does not compete with the larger companies, and that is one of the reasons DogSiteWorld can and do offer genuine and affordable discounted prices throughout all pet supplies departments.

Finally, an understanding of un-branded products is important here as it sounds very much like un-branded products – especially un-branded dog products, is inferior to branded dog products. Importantly un-branded products is not at all not inferior to branded products.

For a person who have been employed within manufacturing will know from personal experience that the manufacturing factory produces branded and un-branded dog products within the same individual factory only difference is they are produced on separate production lines.

It is important to understand about the difference between branded and un-branded products is that the un-branded products are NOT inferior to the vastly more expensive branded product. They are both generally produced in the same factory with the same tools and usually the same raw materials, the only difference is that the designer label is owns the copyright and the copyright is protected from copying.

The second and final element to be understood that relative to keeping costs down and thus the customer of DogSiteWorld customer benefiting from the genuine and affordable discounts, is one of the most expensive aspects related to buying any product – in this case dog products, is the desire on the customer to want their product delivery next day or next few days delivery.

Next day shipping have an adverse influence on the initial cost of any product – the next day or next few days shipping can easily add at least two thirds to the cost of the product you want to buy. So, if you delay buying your dog product and need your dog product at vastly increased prices then pay extra to have your product shipped by next or next few days delivery – although you will definitely not be paying at a genuine discounted price.

Alternatively, with a little more insight by ordering your dog products earlier than needed, you can order your dog products and by the time you need the dog products they will have been delivered to your door. Exercising a little forethought, you will be capable of benefiting from genuinely and affordable discounted prices in all dog supplies departments.

DogSiteWorld store offers to all its customers genuine free international shipping and that must be of fantastic benefit to all caring dog owners. Free international shipping for you as a customer to benefit you will need to understand the important point offered above that you will need to ensure you order your dog supplies in advance of your dog’s requirements as the shipping time for delivering your dog products will likely be in excess of three weeks or more.

If on the other hand you need neglect to allow enough time to receive your dog supplies, then you will not benefit from the free international shipping and the more important genuine and affordable discounts in all dog products department at DogSiteWorld store.

To your success as a caring dog owner

Desmo Boss

DogSiteWorld store

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