Head Halters for Dogs

Head Halters for Dogs

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The Insider Secrets: Buying Affordably Discounted Dog Supplies

Do you make these mistakes when deciding to buy your precious family dog supplies, dog products and dog accessories?

You really don’t have to be rich to be a caring dog owner, as dog owners almost always have preconceived ideas about buying dog accessories like the head halter, that if they are on sale cheaply, then they must be less useful than the exact same head halter sold at about two-thirds increased price, and this can be an unforgivable mistake which can and will become very costly in the short, medium and long term.

Any Online stores will not readily give you an opportunity to buy dog supplies at a massive discounted and affordable pricing. With a little hindsight you will readily recognise – especially if you have been the primary buyer in your family, that there is only two primary elements that determine the cost of all commodities.

Firstly, buying your dog products and expecting next day delivery will bound to increase your dog product cost to an elevated financial level – transportation of any product highly inflates the cost – especially next day shipping option, of the dog supply or dog accessory. Next day delivery is likely without exaggeration to increase the true cost of buying the product by at least two thirds.

 Secondly, the second element which needs to be considered is buying any branded dog supply product will add to the increased costs of any product and very easily in practice at least double or treble the ultimate cost of the dog product, yet as you will learn below, both items could very well be manufactured by the same tools, the same materials with the design including more enhanced, although arguably un-necessary ‘Bells and Whistles’.

Then when we factor in the difference between the branded and un-branded dog product, then we understand the meaning of needless high prices of the branded item. As a person who have been employed within a manufacturers plant, I know full well that branded products and un-branded products was manufactured not only within the same factory but could even be manufactory on production line side by side, yet the pricing for the branded designer labelled dog product compared to the same factory produced un-branded dog product was hugely exaggerated.

If you don’t read, understand and follow these two simple rules to saving cash on dog accessories - like the dog head halter, then you will be out of tough with reality and later in the future, you will hate yourself for not taking advantage of all the monies you could have saved.

It is never too late to remove the psychological barrier that ultimately prevents you from continuously making this costly mistake, at the same time, you will be saving cash while at the same time vastly increasing your spending power within your over-stretched family budget.

See how easily you can build-up your discounted cache of dog supplies and dog products and ultimately, with cash to spare to spend on the other members of your family. So, you can see how easy it is to become more knowledgeable concerning spending your hard-earned cash needlessly. All it takes is to accept that you will need to order your dog supplies a little earlier to compensate for the slower delivery option – on average about two weeks added to delivery. Furthermore, force yourself as the primary buyer in the household the use your discretion while considering buying the vastly more expensive branded item, or the less expensive and probably as robust un-branded dog supplies.

At DogSiteWorld you will be confronted with free shipping with most if not all dog supplies within all departments and if you are prepared to accept waiting for your dog supply, dog product or dog accessories for approximately two to three weeks – usually less time, then you will receive genuine discounted prices. Most of the dog supplies we stock is of the un-branded products with the understanding that we have a stringent Returns Policy in the unlikely case you need to return the dog product.

Remember it is free to look around, so if you give me us few minutes of your precious time, then I will give you when you have read, understood and followed the advice in this article, the secret to buying your head halter and many other dog supplies at genuinely discounted pricing in all departments. Click Here to visit DogSiteWorld.com and see for yourself how easy it is to buy dog supplies at genuine discounted prices and only by a few clicks – the store has ultra-modern search facility, together with the ultra-modern technology useful for all mobile devices.

Head Halter: Head Halters for Dogs

Yes, you read the title correctly.  There are now halters for dogs, not just horses.  These halters work the same as a halter with a horse.  Where the head goes the body will follow. If your dog is a puller the halter may be a great option and actually better than conventional training collars like the pinch collar. Head halters being attached to leashes is purely designed to control the dog’s direction of travel. Dog’s using a dog collar and leash has freedom of movement above the neck area. What favors the dog is the dog will tend to point his head in the direction he wishes to travel and by pointing his head and body in a different or even the opposite direction to the owner’s desires, then the dog have freedom to misbehave when he wishes to search in a different direction than the owner. When it comes to halters there are like with everything else, pros and cons.

Head Halter: What Are They?

Head Halters like Gentle Leader and Halti are different from regular dog collars in the fact that they not only go around the dog’s neck, but they also go over the dog’s muzzle.  It is the muzzle strap that does the controlling of your dog by guiding the dog’s head, similar to the way halters are used to assist in the control of horses. Animals generally travel in the direction their heads are pointing and without the freedom of a dog collar and leash, their movement to alter direction of their own free will is diminished, so you only need to guide the dog’s head in the direction you intend to travel.

Head Halter: How to Fit

Fitting and adjusting the head halter properly is very important and a must if you want it to work properly.  Most of these head halters come with excellent instructions and some even have a DVD to help you adjust it properly. You need to ensure that you are prepared to read, understand and follow the included instructions to ensure your dog is as comfortable as possible, and this then assures to maximize the dog’s care and well-being.

Head Halter: Dog’s Attitude

Most dogs don't care for the halter when you first put it on them. I suggest when you put it on the first you immediately start walking so the dog can't mess about with the attached head halter.  After a couple of uses the dog will get used to it and not have a problem. I have heard some dog trainers say that some dogs never get used to a halter but that has not been my experience.

Head Halter: Why Use?

After you attach the halter start walking, you should see a huge difference in the fact that the dog does not seem to pull anymore. The good points about dog trainers who are using the head halter regularly is that they just slip the equipment on and the dog suddenly begins to walk nicely and comfortably on the leash – without fuss and no bother.

I always suggest to also having the dogs regular collar in place just in case you need to use it instead of the halter part way thru your walk, although in the majority of walks the dog collar will never be needed, but its available if and when needed.

Head Halter: Are they Effective?

Halters can be very good for dogs that show aggression to other dogs on a walk.  Since you have complete control simply keep moving away from the other dog and your dog will have no option to follow your lead. Dog head halters are also an excellent dog accessory tool for large dogs with elderly people or dog owners who have hurt an arm from a dog that pulls too much.

Keep in mind that a halter is simply a quick fix.  If you use it for two years and the dog walks nicely at your side that will all go out the window when you remove the halter and introduce a dog collar and leash. However, for the cases that we have mentioned here it is worth using and using on a regular basis and the signs are that the dog seems to be happy at the same time as being under control and controllable by their owners and trainers.

Head Halter: Conclusion

So, above we have talked about the pros of using dog collars, but there are some cons that you should also be aware of when using dog collars being used to control your family dog. Some veterinarians and dog trainers agree that a dog’s neck can be damaged if he is yanked too hard, so the lesson which must be re-enforced is that you must show empathy, understanding and tolerance to your dog’s health and safety always and this can be re-enforced when controlling your family dog with a more safety conscious Head Halter.

Halters work very well for small people with big dogs.  You will have to make the decision as to whether or not it is right for you and your dog. The fact remains as a dog owner or dog trainer, that if you are concerned about injuries to your dog as far as dog halters are concerned or difficult to accepting the head halter, then you must insist you learn the relevant skills needed to actually re-enforce the training of the dog to love wearing the head halter and this will be a rewarding technique for both the dog owner and the dog trainer.

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