Essential Dog Feeding Tips

Essential Dog Feeding Tips

Dog Food: The Dog’s Mechanics of Eating

DogSiteWorld Essential dog feeding tips

Many caring dog owners think that every different breed of dog must have a different feeding regime within his daily dog food mix, according to some sort of mythical specification.  However, the essential eating behavior of all dogs is characteristic of the whole dog species, not of any individual dog breed, since all dogs eat the same way it is imperative that all breed of dogs receive a wholesome and specific daily dog food diet, comprising of fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and fresh white or red meat with added fish as an alternative or inclusion. 

Of note is the fact that when stated that all dogs must receive fresh natural raw ingredients it must be understood that there exist two ways for dog food manufacturers to create dog food. The determining factor to both these dog food manufacturing methods is determined purely on economics and these economic considerations again determine which type of natural raw dog food diet a caring dog owner will choose to buy for their family dog. Usually and unfortunately the lower price of the dog food attracts the un-knowledgeable and the uncaring dog owner.

 An explanation of the two various ways of dog food manufacture is needed here.

Firstly, it is imperative to understand that subjecting any food ingredients to high processing temperatures ultimately will conclude in destroying a high percentage of essential ingredients within the fresh natural raw dog food ingredients. So, the first type of dog food which requires extremely high manufacturing temperatures in order to destroy poor quality food ingredients which is rife with toxins and other harmful molds and harmful bacteria is required for the manufacture of processed dog food. This resultant processed dog food will always be an inferior alternative to feeding any dogs or pets.

The second type of dog food is known as dehydrated raw dog food, as this natural raw dog food is manufactured from fresh and natural vegetables, fresh fruit and fresh meats then not subject to heat of any kind, is then when still fresh, is freeze dried and packaged to be sold in a fresh state containing all the relevant essential ingredients, as dehydrated raw dog food or also known as dehydrated dog food, which amazingly is also a low calorie dog food. Because dehydrated dog food contains fresh ingredients – not infected ingredients, it is a little more expensive than processed dog food – or wet dog food.

A wise word of warning, feeding your family dog on dehydrated dog food diet it is imperative that you read, understand and follow the manufacturers labelled instructions. The dry raw dog food must be sufficiently hydrated with warm water before feeding within his daily dog food mix – important to read, understand and follow labelled instructions as it is crucial for your dog’s health and welfare. You must also allow your family dog unobstructed access to fresh clean drinking water throughout the day and night.

Therefore, there are certain essential considerations that must be considered when preparing to feed any dog and that is that all dog breeds must receive all his essential ingredients within his daily dog food mix which preferably should be a dehydrated raw dog food mix. These essential ingredients comprise of a collection of essential vitamins, essential minerals and essential trace elements – it is important as a caring dog owner to understand that what we are talking about is essential ingredients that a dog must consume in his daily dog food mix, and not a dog’s overall intake of foodstuffs including protein, carbohydrates and fats etc.

A dog must receive a total of 23 essential ingredients and of these essential vitamins, essential minerals and essential trace elements and the reason this issue is essential understanding is that a dog can only provide through his digestive processes only 10 of his essential ingredients. Your role as the caring dog owner is the ensure you provide the remaining 16 missing essential ingredients within his daily dog food diet together with the understanding that a dehydrated raw dog food is a low calorie dog food.

A dog is not required to eat its food the same way a man does.  A dog has no hands.  Its jaws are suited for biting and cutting rather than chewing.  There are few “gag” reflex nerves at the back of a dog’s mouth, but many in a person’s throat.  A dog has fewer taste buds on its tongue, but a much greater sense of smell than a man has.  There are many other differences as well and only actively researching the subject can allow you to understand the urgency of providing your family dog with his essential ingredients on a daily dog food.

DogSiteWorld Essential Dog Feeding Tips

Dog Food: How a Dog Eats.

While the eating behavior of a dog may seem strange or awkward to some dog owners, to the dog it is the most comfortable and satisfactory way of getting its food from its bowl into its stomach.  The normal pattern of swallowing in a dog is often described as “bolting.”  The dog picks up a piece of his dog food with its front teeth and with a short, quick thrust of its head, tosses the piece of food back onto the top of its tongue.  The piece of food is then rolled (without being chewed) to the back of the mouth.  As the piece reaches the base of the tongue, a reflex causes the back of the tongue to push the food upward and backward into the oesophagus.  From there it is carried directly into the stomach.

When a piece of food is too large to be swallowed, the dog holds the natural dog food with its paws and uses its front teeth to tear off smaller pieces that can be swallowed.  If the food is too tough to be torn, the dog will cut it into pieces small enough to be swallowed, using two specialized jaw teeth.

These teeth are called carnassial teeth and have large shearing surfaces that act like scissor blades which can cut through such tough substances as muscle, hide, gristle, and even bone.  While the powerful jaw muscles of a dog are useful for cutting chunks of pre-eaten low calorie dog food into swallowing size, these muscles are used very little for actually chewing those pieces.  A dog’s teeth are few in number and poorly equipped for mastication.

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Dog Food: 2 Important Dog Feeding Tips If You Have Two Or More Dogs.

Tip 1: Uneaten raw dog food should not be left around for more than 30 minutes.  lf you feed only one or two dogs, removing the uneaten food within 30 minutes should offer no problem.  You should begin to pick up the food containers just as soon as you have completed feeding the last dog.  Pick up the feeding containers in the same order that they were put down.  Don’t get in such a hurry to get them, however, that you forget to record each dog’s food intake.

Tip 2: Dogs should have regular elimination times.  Dogs that are kept in relatively close confinement should be taken out for eliminations immediately after feeding.  This will establish a regular pattern.  Such a pattern promotes regular eliminations, stimulates better digestion, and increases natural dog food utilization. Perhaps equally important from the multiple dog owner’s viewpoint is the fact that a regular elimination time allows you to keep your dog well-trained to know when it is time to go, and without having accidents inside.

Dog Food: Gradually Changing Your Dog’s Diet For Better Results

lf it becomes necessary to change the time at which a dog is fed, the most satisfactory way to do so is by making gradual time changes from the old time to the new time.  For example, suppose you change jobs, and start getting home an hour later than when you usually fed your dog.  It is far better to start about two weeks before you make the change and feed the dog five minutes later every evening for twelve days, then to abruptly offer your dog its natural raw dog food 60 minutes late the first day you start the new job.

Probably the most often changed item in any dog’s feeding routine is the dog food ingredients itself.  There are occasions when circumstances dictate that you must make a change in a dog’s daily dog food mix food.  Whatever the reason for making the change, if it is made too abruptly it may cause a digestive upset.

The micro-organisms growing in a dog’s digestive tract become accustomed to one diet.  So does the dog’s digestive tract itself.  An abrupt change does not allow sufficient time for either to re-accustom themselves to the new diet. A family dog’s daily dog food diet is crucial for a number of critical reasons, the main reason being that your family dog must receive a full daily quota of 23 essential nutrients, and your family dogs body can only produce 10 of the essential nutrients, so your daily dog food mix must provide the 13 other essential nutrients.

Secondly, if you fail to provide the full quota of these crucial essential nutrients on a daily basis, then you will actively allow your family dog to risk your family dog suffering the notorious malnutritional dog diseases such as Hip Dysplasia, Osteoarthritis and the extremely painful arthritis.

These mal-nutritional dog diseases must be avoided at all costs. By researching the most appropriate dog food mixtures recommended by the experts you will find that your family dog must receive a natural raw dog food daily diet, and this natural dog food diet must comprise of fresh meat or fish, fresh vegetables and fresh fruit and this fresh daily natural raw dog food mix should be fed to your family dog on a daily basis – although buying fresh ingredients on a daily basis can become extremely expensive, so the only alternative is to buy a natural raw dog food mix which has been dried and then package so this natural dog food mixture will contain the full quota of the 23 essential nutrients which is essential to maintain your family dog’s medium and long term health and lifestyle.

Natural raw dog food is currently sold as dehydrated dog food and fortunately because the natural dry dog food is the natural diet for your dog, it is also contains a low calorie dog food content with the proviso by reading, understanding and following the dog food manufacturers labelled instructions, your family dog will be unlikely to suffer the distressing and damaging obesity diseases.

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Essential dog food tips

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