Dog Worms: Covert Secrets Explained

Dog Worms: Covert Secrets Explained

Dog Health: Worm Causes, Symptoms and Control

Dog Health: Worm Causes, Symptoms and Control

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It takes active thought and financial commitment on your part to produce a canine caring plan to accomplish your goal of reducing your long- and short-term financial commitments by having veterinary intervention at the earliest opportunity to address your family dog’s needs by early diagnosis.

Some people are investing a great deal of money now and potentially a greater financial commitment within their family dog’s lifetime, yet it is of paramount importance that you understand as a caring dog owner, you need to invest in your dog’s future, especially regarding prevention of infestations and serious dog diseases.

It can be stated that every dog on the planet is infected with worms of some kind to some degree. If the worm infestation remains at a low level, it is possible your dog or puppy can to a certain degree build up immunity to the worm infection. Although not recommended as a solution as your dog needs request a diagnosis by your veterinarian, in an effort to becoming free of all worm infestation to live a healthy life with zero risk to both humans and other dogs.

Although if the infestation is ignored even for a short period, then the worm infestation can easily become the cause for anemia, lethargy, poor appetite and even lead to the death of your precious family puppy or dog. It is accepted that almost all worms can be detected by your veterinarian and successfully treated with the correct medication.

It can be a massive chore to try and identify all the different types of worms that can infect your family dog, the most frequent and common tend to be the roundworm, although there are other worms that can cause an infestation and can also become extremely troublesome, and as a caring dog owner it is imperative we are knowledgeable through either experience or research to identify the worms through the symptoms, early in the infestation period and take effective steps to eradicate, especially through the assistance of your veterinarian at the earliest opportunity.

The following is the most well-known worms that can be responsible for severe infestation and therefore need to be quickly identified and eradicated as soon as practically:

  • Roundworms
  • Hookworms
  • Whipworms
  • Tapeworms
  • Heartworms

Obviously, there are other less known worms that affect dogs including protozoans, flukes or trematodes, ascaris (a kind of roundworms), threadworms (also known as roundworm), stomach worms (found mostly in the southeastern US), eyeworms, and lungworms.


It is important to understand these mostly microscopic parasites – some cannot be detected by the human eye and need a microscope for effective detection and diagnosis, are all around us, although the worms usually enter the dog’s body while eating infected feces, soil, and carrion, or raw meat. It is virtually impossible to prevent infestation, however super clean you may be to keep your family dog’s environment clean, although simple hygiene, common sense, and now even more widely available effective medication can all be used to prevent your family dog succumbing to the unhealthy state caused by worm infestation.


All the named worms have a slightly different way into your dog’s body and will present a different set of symptoms, some extremely more serious than others:


Roundworms are simply transmitted when your dog eats dirt or feces when contaminated with roundworm eggs. It is a simple fact that nearly all puppies are born with roundworm, and most mothers have dormant larvae in their tissues. These dormant larvae at the end of the pregnancy migrate into the lungs of the new pup. At the worst roundworms can cause liver damage or intestinal blockage, even a slight infection can be a cause for dull coat, dry skin and a pronounced potbelly.


At least among dogs, hookworms are the most common parasite in the US. It is believed at least one dog in five is infected at any one time, including right now. They are named because of the hook-like teeth they use to attach themselves to the dog’s intestinal lining, and are readily transmitted from infected fecal matter or even directly transmitted through the skin of the unfortunate potential host dog when the dog walks through wet grass or on sand where the larvae is active – that is the main reason dogs are not allowed on beaches.

Symptoms include diarrhea, weakness and in severe cases anemia.


Ingesting eggs that are present in the contaminated soil. The contaminated soil with eggs present can be on paws, toys, on food and water dishes and therefore ingested by the dog. Recurring diarrhea caused by the inflammation of the intestine is the most common symptom. Serious cases can also have the symptoms of anemia, dehydration, lethargy and weight loss.


Being long segmented worms living in the small intestines. There are several varieties of tapeworms, and they are all transmitted through infected soils, from ingesting fleas while self-grooming, or eating rodents. Only in severe cases that tapeworms cause any kind of harm. In these severe cases the dog could suffer from abdominal pain, nervousness, weight loss, vomiting or severe itching at the site of the anus.


Unfortunately, among the most dangerous worms, as they can be responsible for causing serious damage to the dog’s heart and lungs and lead to fatalities if left untreated. Heartworms are believed to be only transmitted by the bite of the mosquito – the mosquito must have been infected by the larvae from a previous infected dog and then will transmit the infection to all dogs thereafter. Symptoms include coughing, diminished strength, and lethargy. When left untreated, heartworm can cause high blood pressure, obstructions in the heart and heart failure.

When to request vet’s intervention?

It is common to see worms in your puppy or dog’s feces – some worms are microscopic so cannot be detected by the human eye so need the intervention of the veterinarian for confirmation and diagnosis, although that does not necessarily mean your dog is sick and need intervention from you or the vet. Over the course of time many dogs are born with worms already in their system, and inevitably have built up a resistance or immunity to worms. Although if you have noticed a change or deterioration in your dog’s health, then it is definitely time for a visit to your veterinarian. These changes in your dog’s health include:

  • Decreased appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Upset stomach
  • Anemia
  • Mucus or blood in the feces

Because of your visit your vet will action a series of tests on your dog’s blood and stools, the conclusion will decide the treatment necessary for the eradication of the infection. It is a fact that most puppies are infected with roundworms and other parasites from birth or shortly thereafter, and realistically only the vet is equipped to detect and treat the worm infestation.

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All dogs are susceptible to both internal and external parasitic infestations.  One common dog health problem is worm infestation.  The two common worms that cause dog health problems are the tapeworm and the roundworm.

The tapeworm is a dog health problem that affects dogs at any age, but they are less common in young puppies than in older dogs.  Tapeworms have a life cycle that depends on two different types of host species, in the case of the most often seen worm, the dog and the dog’s fleas.  But in another species, they are transmitted through sheep.

Tapeworms are usually recognized as very similar to rice grains in the feces.  Your dog may show a symptom of this common dog health problem by frequently licking and cleaning his anal region. 

Controlling this dog health problem of tapeworm is simple.  Modern veterinarians’ treatments are trouble free and do not require fasting before the treatment.  They are very effective in curing this dog health problem with very little side effects, of occasional vomiting.

Roundworm is another dog health problem that occurs mostly in puppies.  They are usually transmitted directly from dog to dog by fecal contamination which is very difficult to avoid.  Many puppies are born infected with this type of dog health problem which is transmitted through the uterus of the mother.  Worms that are inactive in the mother’s tissues are activated by the pregnancy hormones and then circulate in the mother’s bloodstreams, passing into the unborn puppies. 

There are ways to control this dog health problem using a safe anthelmintic early on pregnancy to destroy the mother’s worm load.  Another way of treating this dog health problem is treating the litter at three or four weeks of age, and then repeating the treatment before leaving the kennels.  Once your puppy arrives home, he should be treated on a regular basis.  Treatment of this dog health problem should be done every three to four weeks until your puppy is six months old.

Adult dogs usually build up immunity to the effects of the dog health problem of roundworm infestations and do not require regular treatment after six months of age.  However, you need to keep an eye of this dog health problem, because roundworms are not always easy to detect in your dog’s feces.

There are effective drug treatments against these dog health problems that are applied in one dose. 

You may also give your older dog this type of treatment once every six months.

Family dogs must be healthy and fit in order to resist most of these serious diseases.

That is why it is important to feed your family with a wholesome and healthy dog food

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To Your Success

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