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Keeping Dog Safety in Mind During Warm Weather

Keeping Dog Safety in Mind During Warm Weather

With the warm winds of summer peeking over the horizon, now is the perfect time to review a few warm weather safety tips to keep your best friend in the pink as temperatures rise. Though seemingly self-reliant, dogs still need some attention and care as thermometers rise, so being aware of their needs is a primary concern for conscientious caring dog owners.

Dogs in Cars

The first rule of summer dog safety is to not be that owner who leaves their pet in a car in the parking lot while they go in for a quick errand. Even a relatively short amount of time in a car can cause severe canine overheating and brain damage, and depending on the temperature and length, potential death. Temperatures can rise quickly to lethal levels if a caring dog owner is not careful.

 If you must go in the vehicle and bringing your pet inside with you is the only option, make sure it is for a very short time and keep the windows rolled down to keep the temperatures within the dog safety levels. The soft cross breeze can mean the difference between life and death for your canine overheating. Even in mild temperatures, direct sunlight entering through the windshield, side and rear windows of a car with rolled up windows can act like a magnifying glass with the resulting searing heat can allow the interior temperatures of the vehicle climb well into the hundreds.


As part of your responsibility of being your dog’s best friend, you should always have cool water on hand to keep Fido hydrated. Heavy exercise in warm weather causes dehydration, as dogs release heat through rapid exhalation. This panting causes their bodies to lose a great deal of water, so having a cool, clean and fresh drinking water available will keep them hydrated, healthy and happy. For dog safety consciousness, you should plan on bringing a few bottles of water for your dog when you take them out for exercise, and perhaps even invest in a folding travel water bowl for their enjoyment. This will ensure protection against canine overheating as well.

Free Roaming

Unless you have your own farm, it’s never a good idea to give your dog free reign of the neighborhood. Keep them leashed when your dog is participating in being walked, or in an enclosed area for their safety. Each year, thousands of dogs never make it home after being struck by vehicles. Also, keeping summer dog safety in mind, make sure that when taking them for night walks that they are wearing a reflective dog vest, dog collar, dog harness, or dog leash, so passing cars can see them and steer well clear.

To your success as a caring dog owner

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