Dog Food: Is Your Dog Mal-nourished?

Dog Food: Is Your Dog Mal-nourished?

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What's Dog mal-nutrition?

Dog FoodOnce upon a time the poorest fed dog in America was the farm dog left to fend for itself for food.  These dogs, undernourished bags of bones, were once so common they almost became symbolic of impoverished rural America.  Today vast numbers of those small farms have vanished.  With them have gone the gaunt, hollow-eyed hounds that greeted every farm visitor with a hungry, ill-tempered bark.

Dog FoodThe farmer has moved to the city, gotten a job, and become the suburbanite.  With him have come his companion dogs.  And, the suburbanite house-pet has replaced the farm dog as the poorest fed dog in America.  Probably 75 percent of all dogs in the United States owned by private individuals are household pets. There is only one complete dog food which will address all of the nutritional needs of our family dogs is a complete dog food which contains the full quota of his essential vitamins, essential minerals and essential trace elements within his daily dog food mix. This complete dog food is known by the name of dehydrated dog food, which is also a low calorie dog food, so will be perfect for the new dog caring dog owner as well as the more experienced caring dog owner.

Dog FoodMost of these dogs are anywhere from 10 percent to 50 percent overweight because the most frequent error made by feeders of house-pets is overfeeding.  Unlike their predecessors, today’s poorest fed dogs are not underfed, but overfed.  The irony of it all is the fact that, while they may be overfed and overweight, they may also be undernourished!  Unfortunately, there is a widespread misconception among dog owners that any dog food that comes out of a can or box that they bought at the grocery store is adequate and nourishing enough for a dog.

Dog FoodThis belief has led politicians, sociologists, and even some nutritionists to express the opinion that most American house-pets are better fed than most Americans.  While these statements may grab sensational headlines, the accuracy of such a proposition does not stand up under critical exploitation.  While it certainly is true that some house-pets receive far better nourishment than some people, it is also true that many dogs in this country are woefully malnourished.  Some of the dogs suffering from the greatest malnourishment are those eating the very item to which the politicians and sociologists attribute such grandiose performance-commercial dog food.

Dog FoodNot all, probably not even most, of the canned dog foods in this country are guilty of malnourishing a dog, but some do exist, and they are being fed.  Nowhere does a dog feeder need to evaluate the food he feeds more than he does when he is feeding canned foods to a house-pet.  Yet, the number of pet owners who actually feed their dogs based on their evaluation of the foods available to them is practically zero.

Dog Food: Taking Stock of the Quality of Food Given to Your Dog

Most dog owners whose pets are household family members consider it an inconvenience to evaluate dog food.  They usually feed only one or two dogs, never weigh them, and rarely keep any records on them at all.  Many base their selection of a dog food solely on how well their dog eats it, not on what the food does for their dog nutritionally.  Moreover, the shopper for the dog’s food is usually the same individual who shops for the rest of the family’s food; the housewife.  From the early morning news to the final night-time talk show, the housewife is bombarded with TV commercials, newspaper ads, and magazine ads who are selling the virtues of one brand of dog food over another.

Dog FoodFood chosen for your dog should always be made by proper research and never by some TV commercial.  Stop and consider for a moment that TV commercials and magazine ads are designed to sell you the food.  So is the food’s packaging and other promotions that they are concerned about.  After all, your dog can’t read and doesn’t understand a word the ad man pitches.  Just remember your dog does have to eat the food you buy and feed it.

Dog FoodSimply because you like your food with gravy is no reason to believe that your dog does.  Just because some people say all your dog needs is meat won’t stop your dog from dying from the calcium deficiency produced when it is fed an all-meat diet.  You may prefer that hickory smoked flavor, but your dog prefers the essence of rotten rabbit, for example.

Dog FoodAnd, if you toss in a little extra human gravy to make sure your dog gobbles up his food without pausing for a breath, remember that how fast your dog eats a food has little to do with the nutritional value of that food.  The mere fact that your dog eats a food every time it is fed is no indication whatever that the food is good for your dog.  Most dogs love the all-animal-tissue foods, but an exclusive diet of nothing but meat will prove fatal.

Dog FoodWhile dogs kept as pets may fall into any number of categories, only three are important where feeding is concerned.  These three categories are related to where the dog lives: exclusively outdoors, outdoors/indoors, or exclusively indoors.  There are naturally some areas of overlap, but these three categories are generally easy enough to separate.  Most dog owners can place their dogs into the correct dog food category without too much difficulty when it comes to the starting point of establishing the dog’s diet.

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Whichever the category your family dog is currently in, it is importance to understand as a caring dog owner you are primarily responsible for your family dog’s health and welfare, with an understanding that your dog will either live a healthy life or alternatively will either become mal-nourished or obese as a direct of your intervention regarding your selection of his nutritional needs.

All dogs whatever their breed, size or activity must receive their full quota of all essential vitamins, essential minerals and essential trace elements within their daily dog food mix. Their dog food portion sizes must be individually assessed based on the dog’s size, breed and activity level, these dog food portions sizes are for your exclusively to appertain correctly with special emphasis on avoiding under or over weight portions as individually will have adverse influences on your family dog.

Feeding your dog underweight portions will be devasting with regard to lack of nutriment and conclude within a short period of time with your family dog becoming vulnerable to the dreaded mal-nutritional diseases. The amount of complete dog food within his daily dog food mix will determine your family dog’s health and welfare.

Whereas over weight portions will again have an adverse influence on your family dog as on this occasion you will likely inflict in the short and medium term again an extremely uncomfortable and debilitating disease which is known by the term as obesity. This is a dog disease which can become very damaging to your family dog’s health and welfare.

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What is the solution?

There is a simple solution to feeding your family dog which will allow him to live a long and healthy life, and that simple solution is to find a complete dog food which not only provide him with his essential ingredients within his daily dog food mix, but also at the same time use a dog food which contains a low calorie dog food content which with care and safe guidelines will go a long way to prevent dog obesity.

The simple solution is that there is a wholesome raw dog food which will offer your dog all his essential vitamins, essential minerals and essential trace elements within his daily dog food mix. This complete dog food is made with fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and fresh white and red meat – including fish recipes. The fresh ingredients are perfectly balanced to an exacting standard according to your dog’s Size. Weight, Breed and activity level, then freeze dried to capture all the essential ingredients, for your dog’s benefit.

The name of this simple but complete dog food is then sold under the name of dehydrated raw dog food and contains the full quota of his essential vitamins, essential minerals and essential trace elements – it is also a low-calorie dog food in its own right and will always be available within your family dog’s daily dog food mix.

As a caring dog owner, it is imperative to understand that when feeding dehydrated raw dog food, it is on you to read, understand and follow the manufacturers informational label on quantities and methods relative to mixing the dog food with water. Importantly when feeding your family dehydrated dog food, it is essential to allow your family unimpeded access to clean drinking water as your family dog must remain hydrated.

To Your Success as a caring dog owner

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