Dog Food: If Only Dogs Could Choose

Dog Food: If Only Dogs Could Choose

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Dog Food: How will you choose?

As a dog owner you only have two realistic two options on the type of dog food that you can provide for your dog and both of these options have their advantages and disadvantages, so as the primary caring dog owner you are the sole decision maker. Before deciding the type of dog food, you need to be assured that your dog food choice will actually address your family dogs needs. Your ultimate choice on behalf of your family dog must be finalized following reading, understanding and following all relevant details before making your final decision. Always ensure your ultimate choice between Commercial Dog Food and Non-Commercial Dog Food is based on informed decision making and not through glossy and colorful marketing which will not necessary offer you the facts for making any kind of informed opinions.

What’s Commercial dog foods and non-commercial dog foods?

Non-commercial foods, as explained here, are not necessarily foods which are not associated in some manner with a commercial enterprise, nor are they foods that do not cost money.  The term ”non-commercial”, as used here, refers to those dog foods which are not a part of the commercial pet food industry or are not sold exclusively as dog food. There is a drastic downfall to feeding your dog and type of dog food which is not intended for dogs, and the main argument against feeding this type of dog food is unlikely not to contain all of the essential vitamins, essential minerals and essential trace elements within his daily dog food mix, and your dog could be vulnerable to many mal-nutritional diseases, which in the medium to long term could very well be detrimental to your dog’s health and welfare. Dehydrated raw dog food will be the perfect solution in this situation as this dog food recipe is produced from all fresh ingredients of vegetables, fruit and white and red meat then freeze dried to seal all the essential ingredients to be available to your dog as a perfectly balance dog food meal with a long shelf life.

Actually, the first food fed to a dog was a non-commercial food, which are leftovers of some caveman’s meal.  Some of the earliest records provide both descriptions and pictures of dogs being thrown food from the table.  It is likely that most of these scraps that were thrown to modern dog’s early ancestors were an assortment of unbalanced morsels that were unfit or unwanted by human owners.  Some of the more obvious skeletal and growth defects from improper nutrition are depicted in some of the earliest drawings and figures of dogs.

For over 3000 years dogs survived an existence from the waste food left to them by the owners who had domesticated them.  Gradually, as dog-raising became more common, elaborate formulations of natural ingredients were compounded for feeding dogs.  These formulations were meticulously designed to duplicate exactly the dog’s wild diet.  They were carefully kept from generation to generation.  A few that were inherently balanced have survived. Although your research concerning dog food will confirm there is an excellent alternative dog food available which includes with the dog food recipe essential vegetables, fruit, red and white meat and fish all freeze dried then available as dehydrated dog food, this dog food contains the full quota of your dog’s essential vitamins, essential minerals and essential trace elements including being a low calorie dog food.  But, for the most part, the preparation of a dog’s diet from complex formulas and elaborate ingredients have disappeared in exchange for a cheaper, more practical, and far better-balanced commercial foods.

Dog owners who provide non-commercial foods for their dogs claim to do so because of economy or better nutrition.  Although it is possible to provide economy and a good source of nutrition from a diet of non-commercial foods, an examination of most such feeding programs quickly reveals that neither economy nor better nutrition prevails.  In fact, in many occasions, the dog owner is unknowingly providing his pet with a poorer quality nourishment at a price higher than he would have to pay for commercial foods.

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Dog Food: Nutritional Needs for Different Dog-types

While the first dogs were undoubtedly kept as companions, it probably did not take long to realize the working value of this newly-made friend.  Even before the history of dogs was recorded, these pets were helping man for a variety of purposes, mainly to hunt for food.  In those days, however, hunting was not a sport, but serious hard work.

Today the dog still helps man in his quest for food, but the nature of the job has taken on a different form. The dog still helps man to hunt, but for a different reason.  Whatever the purpose or nature of the job, the performance of work always requires time expenditure of energy and this will have a large influence on the type of dog food that your dog needs to sustain his energy and vigour. Incidentally, non-working dogs generally will be extremely susceptible to overfeeding but still can be undernourished, in this situation it may be necessary to offer your dog a dehydrated dog food which contains all his essential vitamins, essential minerals and essential trace elements within his daily dog food mix – in addition to being a low calorie dog food, which can reduce the obesity risk. Therefore, every working dog’s primary dietary need is increased energy.  Whenever dietary energy is increased, those B-complex vitamins, minerals, and the water necessary for burning the energy must also be increased.

Except for this increased need for energy and the nutrients to burn it, working dogs require most nutrients at no greater levels than non-working dogs.  When working dogs eat large quantities of ordinary maintenance dog foods to obtain all of the energy they need, they frequently consume some of the nutrients in excessive amounts.  Paradoxically, they may also eat such large quantities that the digestibility of all the nutrients in their diet is adversely affected and some nutrients may actually be obtained in inadequate amounts.

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Dog Food: Nutritional needs for Working Dogs

In other cases, a working dog simply cannot, physically, eat all of the dog food needed to supply its energy needs. In these instances, the dog suffers from the lack of total digestible energy and loses weight. If the condition is allowed to continue, your dog will reduce its activities in order to reduce its caloric demands. If the dog is forced to continue working at the same pace, it will lose weight faster and later, and eventually work itself to death. In this case it might be the perfect time to then consider feeding your working dog a palatable dehydrated raw dog food which contains your dog’s full quota of his essential ingredients, although it is important to read, understand and follow the manufacturers feeding instructions according to the breed, size and whether working or non-working category of dog.

Herd Dogs are the most common working dogs that are fed in the United States.  Herd Dogs are dogs that wattle or protect animals using the least amount of extra energy of any of the working dogs. They seldom are required to expend energy in excess of normal activity for any duration of time which means the required dog food must be capable of sustaining the dog’s nutritional needs through the working day. Even their short-term expenditures of energy are not very great.  The only time herd dogs ever utilize large amounts of energy are when they are rounding up strays, lost or semi-wild animals running at large.

When all said and done when it comes to deciding which dog food your dog needs must be determined by your dog’s breed, whether a non-working dog or a working dog, as all of these unique differences have a positive or negative influence on your decision-making as a caring dog owner. Although your family dog’s will vary it is imperative that your dog’s nutritional needs in the dog food your select is considered within your decision-making as under-nourished and over-feeding your dog can in the short, medium and long term will have an adverse influence on your family or working dog’s health and welfare.

To your success as a caring dog owner

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Dog Food If only dogs could choose.

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