Dog Diseases Linked to Cereal Grains. Inner Secrets Revealed

Dog Diseases Linked to Cereal Grains. Inner Secrets Revealed

Dog diseases linked to cereal grains. Inner secrets revealed

Dog Diseases Linked to Cereal Grains in Dog Food

Yet, upon opening the partly eaten loaf of bread it can be noticed that the center of the bread is filled with grain mold, and this is only the first signs of grain mold and until now the mold could have been eaten un-noticed.

Oakland Gardens, NY ( October 29, 2012 - How often have we forgot to eat the full loaf of bread in the bread basket and returned to the 'stale' bread and seen the tell-tale signs of grain mold making its way from the center of the partly eaten loaf of bread and now showing at the outside.

Yet, upon opening the partly eaten loaf of bread it can be noticed that the center of the bread is filled with grain mold, and this is only the first signs of grain mold and until now the mold could have been eaten un-noticed.

The again looking at the grain mold - bread mold, it looks to all intents and purposes that the grain mold is harmless and they very well could be harmless for human and canine consumption.

Cereal Grain in Dog Food: Are there Risks?

The cereal grains that are allowed within food for human consumption is very heavily regulated and compliance with the regulations, again is heavily policed and only the purest cereal grains are allowed within food for human consumption.

Whereas cereal grains which is 'not fit for human consumption' can be legally used in manufacturing of dog food, and this branded inferior cereal grain will be stored and eventually allowed to be used within the manufacture of processed dog food, and the advantage for the dog food manufacturer of using this inferior cereal grain is that as the quality of the 'not fit for human consumption' is not high yet passes the minimum dog food standards, the inferior grain can be used as a cheaper 'filler' alternative and again keep the cost of the processed dog food to an absolute minimum.

Cereal Grains in Dog Food: Often Conceal Hidden Contaminants.

Inferior cereal grains which are not fit for human consumption, yet are often used to lower the costs of the processed dog food, can be the cause of contamination which is likely to cause serious illness and even death of the dog.

In fact, cereals can be some of the most problematic ingredients used within the processing of the commercial dog food, and although there are high risks associated with feeding dogs with contaminated cereal grains within the commercial processed dog foods, this practice of feeding our pet dogs with processed dog food containing cereal grains seem to be unknown to the average dog owner.

Cereal Grain in Dog Food: What are the Risks?

First of all it is not the inferior quality that is of concern here, it is the fact that after the harvest of the cereal grains the vast stocks of cereal grains must be stored waiting for the processing stage of the dog food, and as there are fewer restrictions on cereal grains which is 'not fit for consumption' and these cereal grains can be stored within not perfect conditions.
The main risk contamination associated with the cereal grain is through the storage of the grain as this 'inferior' storage and the longer length of the storage often allow nasty pollutants to come in contact with the cereal grains and these pollutants can cause a potent risk to the unsuspecting family dog, especially when ingested as part of the feeding of the polluted dog food.

Cereal Grains in Dog Food: What are the Pollutants?

The nasty pollutants are the result of long-term storage and the resulting contamination of the cereal grains of the:
* Insects
* Mites
* Mold

The insects which find their way within the stored cereal grains and it's their droppings that is part of the contamination as there are a number of other insects which is attracted to the stored cereal grain:

* Red Flour Beetles
* Granary Weevils
* Rice Weevils
* Mealworms
* Flat Grain Beetles
* Indian Meal Moths
* Saw-Tooth Grain Beetles

Cereal grain infestations are really so common that the damage caused by the insects after the crops are harvested can sometimes be greater than the damage caused during the growing season itself (Peairs FB, "Insect Damage to Farm-Stored Grain", Colorado State University Extension, Number 5.545).
That is the main reason that the contaminating pollutants of dead cereal grain insects can be undetected and be included within the commercially processed dog food.

Cereal Grains in Dog Food: Any Other Risks?

Mixing low quality cereal grain and storing the contents within an area which allows moisture to collect and this collectively is a recipe for disaster, as this kind of storing will always be a mecca for Grain Mites and over time these creatures will forever multiply very quickly and the creatures and their contaminants - waste products, will become impossible to eradicate from the cereal grains.
The tiny eight-legged creature is a close relative of the dust mite, and can they multiply - just one female mite can produce up to eight hundred eggs in just nine days ("Flour or Grain Mites", Entomological Notes, College of Agricultural Sciences, Penn State University).

Scientific research informs us that these juvenile mites through a metamorphic transformation in to a stage known as the hypopus . During the hypopus stage their bodies harden and the mites develops numerous small suckers on the underbellies.

The added problem with these metamorphic juvenile mites is that they then use their suckers to attach themselves to the bodies of grain weevils, beetles and the other insects, and within a very short period of time they will have spread so quickly that they quickly contaminate an entire area of cereal grain storage - within days the complete storage unit can become completed contaminated through infestation with disease causing grain mites.

Cereal Grains in Dog Food: Is There More Risks?

A Possible Cause of Chronic Allergies
Atopic Dermatitis is without doubt an agonizing allergic condition for your family dog and it is possible to be un-diagnosed for many years, and yet is very common allergic condition.
The disease is a chronic and a painful allergic skin condition and an allergic reaction to specific and environmental allergens actually found within the dogs environment.
The common symptoms can be so easily overlook the everyday signs of this very painful and problematic disease:

* Chronic Itching
* Excessive Licking or Chewing the Paws, Abdomen, Groin
* Deep Pink, Reddened or Oozing Ears
* Balding Areas - Alopecia
* Black Pigmentation of the Skin
* Secondary Yeast or Bacterial Infections - Especially in the Ears

It has been known for many years that the specific pollutants that is responsible for this very miserable and painful disease of Atopic Dermatitis is the very common Dust Mite, the same kind you will have in your household carpets, incidentally the exact same Dust Mites that cause so many problems for the human dog owner.

Scientific Research has clearly confirmed that atopic dermatitis that "storage mite sensitivity in dogs maybe as important, if not more important, than dust mite sensitivity" (Arlian AG et al, Serum immunoglobulin E against storage mites in dogs with atopic dermatitis, American Journal of Veterinary Research, 2003 January, 64 (1):32-6).
The scientific findings clearly implicate grain-based dog food - the consumption of grain storage mites and their carcases must be considered an important cause of atopic dermatitis in dogs.

Cereal Grains in Dog Food: Is There Other Relevant Diseases?

Insects, Mites and Molds can be the cause of untold grain contamination and especially abundant in cheap, low quality 'not fit for human consumption' cereal grains, yet scientific research has concluded that the grain insects, grain mite and grain molds could easily be creating a much more deadly problem for the family dog when fed these infected processed dog foods.

These creatures can very easily effectively distribute the spores of very dangerous molds and the use of the word 'dangerous' because these molds are more than capable of producing some of the world's most deadliest and toxic natural toxins.

Cereal Grains in Dog Food: Low Quality Cereal Grain Can They Be Dangerous?

All Molds are all included within the family of fungi, although unlike Fungi, Molds are completely invisible to the human eye, and of more concern, the mold reproduce by the creation of even smaller seed-like particles called spores.

As molds and their tiny spores are so microscopically minute, they spread with ease with the aid of the wind, and also they can be attached to the bodies of Mites and the Weevils, so it is not difficult to understand the potential of Molds and Spores to completely contaminate storage areas of cereal grain within a very short period of time, add to the low cost of low quality cereal grain which can be contaminated so easily with the spores through the movement of the wind and the contaminating actions of Mites and Weevils, then you can clearly understand the dangers of contamination of world's most deadliest and toxic natural toxins to the pet dog when the processed dog food is eaten and ingested.

Cereal Grains in Dog Food: Grain Molds and Their Toxic Venom.

It is a scientific fact that many dogs are allergic to the molds and their spores that find their way into the processed dog food, although the greatest danger to any family dog is the ingestion of the poisons that is actually produced by the molds themselves and these exceptionally lethal poisons are called mycotoxins, there are hundreds of these known mycotoxins.

Here is a selection of the mycotoxins that can be toxic to dogs:
* Aflatoxins
* Vomitoxin
* Zearalenone
* Ochratoxin
* Fumonisin

Let make sure we understand the situation here and that is if your dog was to eat any commercial dog food which was contaminated with a disease level of aflatoxin, the results for your dog would definitely be catastrophic.
The symptoms of acute aflatoxin poisoning are:
a. Fever
b. Jaundice (yellow eyes, yellow skin)
c. Dark Urine
d. Persistent and Violent Vomiting
e. Bloody Diarrhea
f. Death

"As you see this is definitely not a rare disease. As these are the same symptoms which cost the lives of many dog deaths in 2005 - 17 deaths may be linked to pet food contaminated with fungi" -

and then prompted an emergency recall, and that was the year that a large pet food giant made and distributed a large batch of aflatoxin contaminated dog food and shipped the tainted dog food throughout the US and to 29 other countries around the world - a tragic and preventable incident - yet do another tragic incident ready to punish the trusted customer?

An unexpected hazard associated with aflatoxin is that even when the dog only ingests a small amount of the toxin, a small amount that do not allow symptoms of contamination from the ingested toxins, then toxins remain within the dogs liver and then accumulate within the dog -and remains there for life of the poor dog, and when the trace amounts of alfatoxins reach a lethal level - only regarded as a trace amount, then death is imminent and there is No Antidote so definitely no cure for your beautiful companion.

Scientific consensus and for a change they are all in agreement, that the maximum amount of alfatoxin that should ever be allowed to within the commercial dog food containing low quality cereal grain dog food mix is Zero. That is the real danger to your family dog when you decide to feed your dog commercial dog food containing cheap low quality cereal grain ingredients.

Cereal Grains in Dog Food: Can the Toxins be Destroyed?

The realistic answer is a definitely No although the extreme heat is only used in the manufacturing process of dog food - the main reason for the heat process is to destroy the insects, mites and other destroyable contaminants, but unfortunately the heat process has no effect on the toxins which was created as mycotoxins, so the mycotoxins remain with their full potency and even trace amounts can kill your family dog, and the manufacturing heating process will have No Effect whatsoever ("Toxic pet food may have killed dozens of dogs", News Services, Article ID 10771943, May 10, 2006).

Cereal Grains in Dog Food: What is the Solution?

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