Dog Care: What’s your dog’s basic caring needs?

Dog Care: What’s your dog’s basic caring needs?

Your family dogs essential yet basic caring dog needs.

DogSiteWorl - your family dogs basic caring needs.

What is it that helps you know whether you are a caring dog owner and on a daily basis effectively addresses your family dog’s basic needs? You certainly do not need to invest enormous amounts of hard-earned cash from your family budget and buy your family dog the most expensive branded dog supplies.

The cheaper option and the most affordable, not forgetting the possibility that the most potentially discounted affordable and often discounted pet supplies would invariable the un-branded product. For those of us who have been employed – worked, within factory’s, will know from practical experience, that a large manufacturing factory can produce branded and un-branded dog products within the same factory, although within different production lines with in many instances offering only a branded name and other bells and whistles.

Would you be shocked as a caring dog owner if I could show you a simple way of increasing your purchasing power by an extremely powerful technique of only buying un-branded pet supplies?

You can always guarantee that exclusively buying pet products will have a significant savings on your weekly or monthly purchases. By combining the genuinely discounted and affordable un-branded pet accessories, with looking online for an online store which rarely provides both un-branded pet supplies together with offering genuine affordable and discounted dog supplies in most if not all departments, and then offering to many international destinations Free Shipping.

Don’t you think that as a caring dog owner, you and your family and your family dog will be happier and more contented with the knowledge that by saving cash on buying un-branded pet supplies which now means you have more disposable income to spend on essentials like increasing costs of utilities, fuel and food items – especially when saving cash on buying the affordable un-branded pet products, in addition to saving cash on Free Shipping?

Most caring dog owners never stop to consider that DogSiteWorld Store all of these elements – genuinely discounted un-branded dog supplies and combined with international Free Shipping. Now you have an opportunity of a lifetime to finally give your family the essential dog care he deserves, at the same time with the savings you will have surplus, you can finally carefully choose to spare cash to spend on the other members of your close family.

There are many questions as a caring dog owner that you need to truly answer in an effort to determine whether you are actually addressing your family dogs’ basic needs – and you would be surprised to learn that it is not all about spending enormous amounts of hard-earned dollars on the weekly dog supplies, dog accessories and dog products.

Some people are investing great deal of money right now on dog products that is questionable whether the products really address their family dog’s needs, whether they can be bought at a more affordable price and you may be surprised to learn, a far better quality than the highest prices pet supplies?

Would you be surprised if I told you that processed dog food is essential ingredients deficient?

If you complete your online research concerning your family dog’s digestive system and the essential ingredients your dog’ must receive on a daily basis:

Dog products at genuine discounted prices.

What if I told you that your family dog digestive system is only unique to your dog, and entirely different from a human digestive system, and dog’s nutritional needs are also unique to dogs?

Imagine what would happen to your family dog’s nutritional lifestyle if I was to explain to you that the correct dog food comprises of 37 essential ingredients and these essential ingredients are duly classified into six main nutrient group. These groups comprise of water proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Pet food manufacturers over many decades have successfully developed nutritional expertise to incorporate the latest nutritional advances pet and dog nutrition.

These pet food manufacturers achieve the perfectly exact balance to blend essential ingredients including meat, vegetables, high quality cereals, vitamins, minerals and trace elements to produce nutritional dog food that will in full compliance with the various European and US Pet Food Industry Federations and Councils – FEDIAF and NRC Nutrition Guidelines. Caring dog owners by feeding your family dog a complete dehydrated raw dog food – which is also a low-calorie dog food, you will have confidence that you are addressing your family dog’s nutritional needs.

Characteristics of a nutritional dog food:

  • Complete – provides adequate amounts of all required essential ingredients
  • Balanced – the nutrients are available in the correct proportions
  • Digestible – your family dogs digestive system has the ability to digest the dog food and absorb the essential ingredients
  • Palatable – the nutritional dog food is interesting and attractive to your family dog
  • Safe – the complete contents of the dog food are free of toxins and other poisonous chemicals


It is not difficult to understand that humans love tasty food and there is a special relationship with humans when it comes to Superfoods. Unfortunately, Dogs digestive system is different from humans; some food preferred by humans can be fatal for dogs in the short, medium or long term. Check out this dog care link and make informed choices...

It is well known that humans love tasty food and as there is a special relationship with dogs, we assume that our trusting companion will benefit from our superfoods. Unfortunately, Dog digestive system is different from humans, some so-called super foods preferred by humans can be fatal for dogs. Check out this Infographic and make informed choices...

Caring dog owners need to understand that humans and dogs has different digestive systems and the dog’s digestive system is unable to cope with many of the foodstuffs which humans consider superfoods. Some of these superfoods so relished by humans can actually become lethal when entering the dog’s digestive system and blood stream. There are numerous infographics online which can inform caring dog owners of the dangers posed to dogs when fed these potentially dangerous foodstuffs.

Do you know dogs have special nutritious needs to humans when it comes to their choice of nutritious dog supplies? Dogs must receive their full quota of 37 essential ingredients and unfortunately, the dog’s body is unable to produce most of these essential ingredients within their bodily digestive functions. The caring owner must provide these lacking essential ingredients within his daily dog food mix.

 Dog food at genuine affordable discount prices.

To have regard, affection, consideration for all dogs providing empathy, comfort to the entire dog’s needs with regards to the health and welfare throughout his life. Providing more of your dog’s essential care, especially the essential dog food, dog supplies, dog products and dog accessories. Your dog’s nutritional needs vary from the quality of the nutritious dog supplies to the dog size and dog breed, comfortable sleeping area and comfortable resting places with special emphasis on dog training and the essential dog socializing skills. Dogs must receive all essential ingredients daily.

Don't be caught out at the last moment, ensure prior to your trip you have the necessary pet supplies, especially the important items you will need to keep your dog under full control, a strong and sturdy collar and dog leash. Ensure your dog is securely fastened within your vehicle. Your dog needs adequate dog food supplying the full quota of his essential ingredients within his daily dog food mix and access to fresh, clean drinking water always.

It is important that you have sole responsibility for the health and welfare of your family dog. You need to ensure your dog is happy and contented. Feeding nutritional dog food, providing comfortable resting and sleeping quarters, providing all levels of dog training and providing your dog with dog food, dog chews and other fun inducing toys and regularly play fun games with your developing puppy and dog. Exercise is fundamentally of importance and must not be neglected. Is your dog happy.

The key to success in becoming and maintaining a devoted caring family dog owner is to understand the essential needs of your family dog when you first receive your family puppy. Most dog owners never take the time to read, understand and follow these golden rules concerning the essential needs of their family dog, and that’s exactly why most dog owners are deficient in the dog caring knowledge, and when a problem with their family dog presents itself and needs the vets intervention, they ask themselves what would it be like if I read the available online information and devoted myself to becoming a caring dog owner?

Dehydrated dog food at genuine discounted prices

I’m wondering if deciding today to read, understand and follow the available information which would reward me with becoming a conscientious caring dog owner, would it make you feel more comfortable and possibly guard against complacency will make you stronger and feel better about yourself and by addressing the present and future essential needs of your family dog. You may not know but becoming a caring dog owner and addressing your dog’s present and future essential needs is going to be fun.

 Finally, if your family dog could have the perfect dog bed what would it be like for you and your family dog?

Would you be surprised if I told you that your family dog enjoys sniffing, exploring and playing, although it’s also imperative for your family dog to get enough of relaxing and comfortable rest and sleep. As a caring dog owner who is concerned about your dog’s essential needs and addressing his essential needs, it is important as a caring dog owner to understand that your dog will suffer short, medium- and long-term harm if your family dog rests and sleeps in a cold cramped and draughty condition or area.

We need to ensure that your family dog is guaranteed relaxing and comfortable downtime they must have and ensuring somewhere quiet and comfortable that your family can consider is me time. I don’t think I need to tell you through your own research, that dogs resting and sleeping in cramped positions in ill-fitting dog beds – among many other causes – click on link below – hip dysplasia to read, understand and follow recommendations, can eventually suffer from many unfavourable osteo-arthritic conditions, especially with some vulnerable dog breeds, including hip dysplasia.

Why is it that some dog owners don’t understand the importance of ensuring your family dog rests and sleeps in an extra-large dog bed – extra-large compared to individual family dog, I consider that a caring dog owner would need to prioritize the caring need of buying their family dog a larger and more comfortable dog bed from an online pet supplies store, possible if funds are available choosing a memory foam dog bed especially for the more vulnerable larger dog breeds, it really would dollars well spent as many vulnerable larger dog breeds is extremely more prone to hip dysplasia, and not only one of the most excruciating and painfully dog diseases, but also the vet fees and the continuous medicated drugs can become extremely expensive and in a short time can have huge consequences on the family financial budgets.

I really don’t know if deciding now to invest in your family dog’s healthy future is absolutely necessary at this exact moment, but that will depend on your available finances, and only you as the primary dog carer can decide that. But one thing for sure is that it may be a short-term purchase that in the medium and long term could become a well-timed investment, especially for the vulnerable larger dog breed, because certainly prevention is always more favourable than an expensive cure.

As a caring dog owner would you be surprised if I proved to you that buying a larger extra-large dog bed can be affordable when considering a genuine affordable discounted pricing from an online store and best off all the store at present not only discounted pricing but also free shipping to many international destinations?

What would it be like if you really could buy this extra-large dog bed preferably with a memory foam mattress, at an affordable discounted pricing and then delivered to you – with other items if needed, and shipped to your home, yet you will receive free shipping? Try this out with zero commitments and if you decide you prefer not to commit yourself, then re-visit when your available funds has increased and simply re-order, again commitment free. Follow this link to find out more, and judge for yourself:

DogSiteWorld the leading pet supplies store.

To your success as a caring dog owner

Desmo Boss

DogSiteWorld Store – The Leading Online Pet Supplies Store – online since 2004.

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