Balanced Dog Food Diet Explained

Balanced Dog Food Diet Explained

Balancing a Healthy Lifestyle with a Balanced Dog Food Diet

Balancing a Healthy Lifestyle with a Balanced Dog Food Diet DogSiteWorld

Balanced Dog Food Diet Explained

Family dogs need to have a healthy and active lifestyle incorporated into their regimen in order to maintain the proper balance of happiness and longevity. Believe it or not, health risks can crop up even if a pet eats good dog food, yet doesn’t receive the exercise they need to burn off and process their carbs and proteins. Just as with humans, the right dietary balance needs to be achieved.

Properly balanced natural foods such as Acana Dog Food and Castor Dog Food do a wonderful job introducing the proper nutrients into your dog’s diet, but there still needs to be a regularly scheduled ‘work out’ in order to properly burn and process the balanced nutrients. Proteins are complicated cell structures that need to be utilized in caloric counts to become healthy building blocks, and carbohydrates that aren’t used during exercise become bogged down in the body and turn into fat and sugars that decrease a dog’s health and energy levels.

Start with a schedule

Speak with your vet to determine what amount of dog food your dog should eat each day, and how it should be given. Large, active dogs may require a couple of feedings at large quantities per day, while smaller lap dogs may only require a feeding schedule of once per day during the evening. Your vet will be able to give an accurate idea of what is in the best interest for your dog. Starting with a dehydrated raw dog food diet based on Castor and Pollux Dog Food might well be the proper thing to do. Understanding that dehydrated raw dog food is also a low calorie dog food, so with care by reading, understanding and following the manufacturers labelled instructions will guard against dog obesity diseases.

Have your vet check your dog’s body fat index for an indicator of the amount of exercise increase that is required in combination with the adjusted feeding schedule. In general terms, the larger the animal, the more exercise it requires in order to burn off the caloric intake at each meal. Smaller animals may also need an increase in activity, as metabolism shifts is common when adjusting their standard diets. Increases or even fluctuations in the protein and carb ratios create a new pattern for using energy and remaining on the same exercise plan may simply not do your dog right.

Being on top of your dog’s nutrition isn’t as complicated as it seems. Simply keep in contact with your veterinarian during any food changes and keep an eye on increases or decreases in activity. A well-fed dog is happy for the time being, but a well exercised dog is happy and healthy for a lifetime. So, as a caring dog owner you must accept sole responsibility for providing your family dog with Balancing a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet which ultimately ensure that within your dog’s daily dog food mix will provide will provide a healthy and active lifestyle with a daily dog food mix of low calorie dog food and with the requisite amount of daily exercise.

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