Why Dog Health Insurance is Still Important

Vet examining a dog

Getting health insurance for your pet is vital, especially if your pet is part of your family. Dog Health Insurance may not be suitable for everyone. However, the merits that come with Dog Health Insurance are great. What most dog owners do not know is that younger dogs are just expensive to take care of as older dogs. In America, dogs that are under two years of age usually cost just as much in terms of vet fee compared to dogs that are over eight years of age.

Dog Health Insurance is for those people who do not want to have to make the choice between family finances and the well being of their beloved dog. If your pet is extremely active, like puppies, it is recommended to get Dog health Insurance early enough. Playful puppies will occasionally get into accidents that will often cost you thousands of dollars to them treated. However, most people will wait for their dog to get older and then consider getting pet insurance. The mistake here is that, most insurance companies will not cover preexisting conditions, considering your pet got into accidents at its earlier ages.

Conditions like Lymphoma (which is a type of malignant cancer) can cost eight to twelve thousand dollars, and Cruciate knee surgery for your dog can cost three to five thousand dollars. Getting a Dog Health Insurance, for this reason, will ease the costs on your finances and give you the peace of mind that your dog is well taken care of in the short and long term. If your dog participates in sporting events or is involved in a lot of travel, consider getting Dog Health Insurance. On average, 15 percent of dog insurance claims are caused by accidents, while the remaining 85 percent is due to sickness related causes. These are mostly chronic conditions; allergies and thyroid diseases, which can easily be covered by pet insurers.

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