Why Create a Quick Response (QR) Code


Why Create a Quick Response (QR) Code?



Why Create a Quick Response (QR) Code?

First of all I wonder how many of us actually know precisely what is referred to as a QR Code – correctly called a Quick Response Code, and why in this modern day of easily accessing the internet for shopping would we need to find out the QR Code is essential to know about.

Well I will be honest with you and admit only a few minutes before deciding to write this article I had never heard of, and never knew there was a QR Code so only by browsing and researching on Fiverr online for business cards as I was thinking of buying a business card template so I would be able to visit my usual business card creation website and upload the Fiverr created business card as template, instead of and as an alternative to using the creation tools on the business creation website, which can be very time consuming.

On Fiverr the results of my business card search included a few Fiverr Gigs which included the inclusion of QR Code and instantly realized that that is a term I never heard of before, so I pasted the term into Google and then not only understood the term, but also realized how important the QR Code is for the creation of business cards, so I will give a brief description why the QR Code is important for us mere mortals to understand and preferably to use.

QR – (Quick Response) Code, in actual fact is a two-dimensional barcode and the advantage to using – publicizing, the QR Code of your website, Blog, Article site etc. is that with a laptop or a desktop computer accessing any online site, such as shopping stores is not a complicated process because we will be using a relatively large screen or computer monitor and this advantage of a largish screen can make searching, finding and then accessing websites a relatively simple process, so using any type of system to accessing online websites simpler is not necessarily needed.

This easily accessing many shopping and auctions sites and many more online sites only becomes more complicated when we begin to access online sites with our ‘tiny screens’ and less accessible means of accessing online websites, and in particular when accessing sites with US and European Smartphones – iPhones, iPads, Android and MS Windows based browsers.

On the Smartphones to access websites by QR Codes then you will need to download a relevant two dimensional bar code App, used for storing addresses and URL’s is widely used technology in Japan and other countries that can be used to scan the bar codes with camera phones that is equipped with the appropriate QR Code reader App.

When an online company displays the QR Code bar code on a business card or any other type of relevant marketing literature, then potential customers have the opportunity to use the code-scanning application on their iPhones and other devices to retrieve the companies individual details – Google has previously sent out a Quick Response (QR) Code to the most popular companies in its Local Business Centre, when those companies display their QR Codes these companies details can be read by the QR Code reading apps.

QR Code and how it works?

Generally a QR Code reader is a very simple apps device and when it is activated, you need only to point the iPhone camera at the QR Coding, then you will need to click the scan option, and the QR Code reader will do the rest.

The QR Code reader usually works with not only QR codes but also Data Matrix, and Aztec bar codes and to ensure the QR Code reader is working correctly most QR Code reader Apps will allow you to access the Apps home website and scan the sample QR Code bar codes examples to assess if the QR Code reader is returning the correct results.

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Well I am not an expert in this area, so all I will suggest is the way I created the QR Code for my website, I visited bit.ly – a site to shorten url addresses, and typed in the website address – site link, and when the site returned the shortened version of the site address, then add the following on the end of the ‘shortened’ site address:

Example: http://bit.ly/MxaArg?r=qr – I only added the (qr) to the end of the shortened link address and this link will now display your websites – sites, unique QR Code – Job Done!

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QR Code

The QR Code reader usually works with not only QR codes but also Data Matrix, and Aztec bar codes and to ensure the QR Code reader is working correctly…

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