Why Buy Correct Dog Food?

Why Do We Need to Buy Correct Dog Food?

Why is Correct Feeding of Dog Food Important to your Family Dog?

What the main considerations to decide which dog food is needed?

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When it comes to dog food, it is important to invest in the right quality in order to for dogs to get the right balance of nutrition that they need.

Quality foods such as Acana Dog Food, Organix Dog Food and Castor and Pollux Dog Food are varieties of dehydrated raw dog foods that contain the full range of your dog’s essential vitamins, essential minerals and essential trace elements that your dog must receive within his daily nutritional food mix. Feeding your family dog with nutritious food ensures your dog will remain healthy throughout his whole lifespan from deficiency diseases and illnesses. Effective dog care must remain an important commitment on the part of the dog owner to ensure that your family dog remains healthy and full of vitality throughout his entire lifespan. Reading, understanding and following expert advice especially concerning the correct feeding regime will benefit the health and vitality of all canines and will extend their short, medium and long term lifespan. Just like humans, it is important to check what ingredients are contained within the dog food by examining the food labelling and ensuring that your family dog is not eating any food which has been subject to extremely high temperatures that must be used to destroy lethal toxins, bacteria which can cause your family dog harm. Processed dog food is such a dog food which must be treated with ultra-high temperatures because of the harmful toxins present in the raw substandard non-human – not fit for human consumption, ingredients. Unfortunately, the ultra-high temperatures that the processed food is subject too, not only destroys the dangerous toxins and other bacteria, but also destroys a high percentage of the essential ingredients which your dog must receive on a daily basis, some of these essential ingredients destroyed your family dog is unable to produce within his bodily functions, so must be provided by daily supplements to avoid your dog from becoming ill through deficiency diseases certainly in the medium term. In addition processed dog food contains many unnatural preservatives and inorganic substances within the processed food contents that lead to a dog becoming overweight along with a wide range of health problems and dog diseases.

Are there scientific reasons to avoid cheaper dog food?

It is too tempting for dog owners to buy the cheapest food available. However, with cheap and the cheapest canine foods also comes with ingredients that are not only lethal to humans but also can be unhealthy to your family dog. Many times, the worst parts of carcass are thrown into dog food including horse parts and stomach lining. What owners do not know is that the internal system of dog’s works in a similar way as humans do. Like humans, dogs also need the same amount of good nutrition – dogs need all their essential vitamins, essential vitamins and essential trace elements – essential ingredients, on a daily basis in order to be healthy in the short, medium and long term of his lifespan. There is plenty of dog food out there that mimics the nutritional balance that humans need in order to stay healthy. Dogs can eat fruit vegetables and fish ingredients like humans can, and many dog food varieties have ingredients that are delicious to dogs and contain both fruits and vegetables. Dogs are privy to flavor too, and they will love the healthy ingredients contained in higher quality dehydrated raw dog food that actually replicates the exact canine diet that you dog’s ancestors would have eaten in the wild.

Advantages you might not be aware for buying high quality dog food?

There is dog food out there that will make dogs defecate less and will provide a soft shine to their coats. Foods dehydrated raw dog food will provide the right amount of balanced nutrition for dogs that will keep their energy levels up and will provide them with the right balance of nutrients they need. When it comes to dehydrated dog food, there are a variety of flavors including chicken and potato, chicken and brown rice, turkey carrots and potatoes along with turkey and vegetables. With low calorie dog food, dogs are more likely to get the healthy nutrition they need, receive their daily quota of all the essential minerals, essential vitamins and essential trace elements, and will help in weight control.

What other considerations should a caring dog owner be aware of with dog nutrition?

Good exercise and a solid diet is what will keep the weight off for dogs. Dogs who are suffering from weight gain can use a variety of foods and other measures that will help them lose excess pounds. It will be a great exercise plan to have dogs on a consistent exercise plan along with allowing them to eat the necessary foods. Balanced nutrition is crucial to a dog’s health, and it will be a great help in promoting overall heart health.

Pups and older dogs all need the right amount of nutrition that is unique to the size and breed. It is always important to proportion the size of a dog’s meal and figure out the necessary scoops and how many bowels they need per day. In order to properly balance out a dog’s diet content rich dog food such as dehydrated dog food with higher protein and lower carbohydrates to mirror the family dogs natural diet that would be available in the wild and this combination of your family dog by nature, receiving a natural meat-eating diet as her would receive in the wild, so the priority for you as the loving provider is to ensure your family dog receives the minerals and vitamins in his diet that he needs to ensure he remains and stays in good health and the family dogs .

How to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet by choosing the correct dog food?

Healthy diet can be maintained by feeding him the highest quality dog food that your money can buy but you can be confident that your family dog is receiving the necessary content-rich ingredients when feeding your family pet the best food money can buy dehydrated raw dog food, it is always necessary to give them the proper amount of nutrition they need in order to secure healthy limbs, joints, hips and healthy organs especially the dogs kidneys and of course maintaining healthy growth is an important consideration.

Are you just writing this about dog nutrition diet without evidence?

No, because the process of feeding your family dog is not dissimilar to feeding the other individual members within your family unit, as we are all too aware that without a well maintained healthy diet, which includes essential minerals and essential vitamins then the nutritional experts can predict an unhealthy diet can lead to various illnesses and diseases, and the same is true for our precious family dog, again the family dog’s diet must be as natural as possible – natural to the natural foods – meat-eater and a diet rich in essential minerals and essential vitamins, and the diet from the dog foods stated below is very close to the natural diet your family dog would have received within the wild state.

What is the correct evidence, I’d like to access the scientific report?

If you need evidence that Acana Dog Food, castor and Pollux Dog Food, and Organix Dog Food – enriched in essential minerals and essential vitamins, is the best content-rich choice for you beautiful family dog then read what the dog food experts say on this specific subject, as the scientific evidence proves without any doubt that your family dog by nature a meat-eater must be maintained in good health by providing a natural meat eating diet and must receive a diet rich in minerals and vitamins and low in carbohydrates, and this fact is also scientifically proven (http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/best-dog-foods/low-protein-dog-foods/) and can be studied by referring to this scientific report (Drs. Foster and Smith, “Are High Protein Diets Harmful to a Dog’s Kidneys?”) written by one of the most knowledgeable dog food scientific experts available today.


With the outstanding evidence available from some of the most brilliant scientific minds that to feed your family dog with cheap and nasty tasting dog food is not the most cost effective way to treat your beautiful and faithful family dog.

The scientific evidence available in this modern time confirm that the family dog must be allowed to feed on the content rich and high quality dog food which is a near to the dogs natural food and this high quality nutritious food must have the best quality meat available and again must contain the essential minerals and the essential vitamins and be available to the family dog in sufficient amounts to allow the dogs metabolism to continuously repair and replace the regularly worn out tissues and cells and more importantly to reduce the risk of your family dog from developing illnesses and diseases often associated with a poor and inconsistent feeding of cheap, un-nutritious and in the long term damaging unsuitable dog food.

Treat your family dog in the same healthy way as you treat the rest of your individual family members, the family dog’s dietary considerations must be of paramount importance as to avoid the illnesses which has been scientifically contributed to a poor and inappropriate diet must be avoided, so invest more of your cash to securing your family dogs health and well-being as consideration of the dietary dog contents now can be a blessing in disguise as not following the scientific evidence for healthy and nutritious dog food your family dog could become unhealthy through illnesses and diseases and these must be avoided not only for your family’s sake but also you owe it to your family dog to keep them healthy and full of vitality.

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Reading, understanding and following expert advice especially concerning the correct feeding regime will benefit the health and vitality of all canines.

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