Top Three Benefits of Dog Agility Training


Agility is one of the most competitive sports for dogs. It involves an obstacle course comprising jumps, walkaways and tunnels. The dog handler works to help the dog navigate through the obstacles in a correct order. Some people prefer doing dog agility training for fun alone. Others prefer competing in agility trials.

Agility training enhances your bonding with the dog, helping him or her to develop communication skills as well as respect while working their way through various obstacles. This course is safely designed with fun in mind. Here are some benefits of dog agility training.

The bond between you and your canine companion is strengthened

Agility courses are set in such a way that dogs or puppies can’t complete them without being assisted by the handler. The dog will thus rely on all verbal and hand instructions from you in order to properly and fully navigate the course. In the long run, trust between you and your dog will be increased. You will be able to reinforce some basic obedience commands to your dog, ultimately helping him or her to improve their overall behavior and improving on their communication skills.

It is a great form of exercise for your dog

Dog agility training has proved to be an efficient way of getting rid of your pet’s excess energy. The course involves a variety of obstacles that will challenge both the mind and body of your dog. This will in turn strengthen his/her muscles, improve their coordination and thus keep them fit.

It fulfills your dog’s natural instincts

Dogs are hunters naturally, running and chasing a variety of prey while in the wild. They must hence be able to navigate through many barriers in pursuit for food. Their natural instincts enable them to overcome such barriers, run faster and hunt down the targeted prey. Agility training involves a mimic of such scenarios in order to fulfill the chasing and hunting desires of your dog.

Any dog can engage in agility competitions, as long as they are at least one year old. They should also be properly trained to avoid any injuries while on the field. Your dog ought to understand and obey basic obedience commands for him/her to engage successfully in the activity. Although most people find it risky to involve their dogs in dog agility training, it is an enjoyable activity that has lots of benefits to those who have decided to do it.

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