Top 6 Essential Products For A Happy Dog


Dog Care Dogs make for a delightful company. Not only are they joy to have around, we now know they also have a therapeutic effect on our psychological well being. But what about the well being of your dog? After all, a healthy, well groomed dog is a happy dog. Investing in the following 6 products will make sure your dog is well taken care off, and happy.

1) Dog brushes and combs: Dogs come with a staggering variety of coats, so it is crucial you pick one that is suited for dog. While bristle brushes are a safe option as they work on most kinds of coat, go for wire pin or slicker brushes if your dog has long hair. For dog breeds like Alaskan Malamute that shed a lot, a shedding brush that removes excess hair is highly recommended.

2) Dog Nail clippers: Given how much dogs dislike having their nails trimmed, you should invest in a really high quality, and the right type of clipper. A claw style clipper is popular since they are much less likely to cause too close, and painful, a trim.

3) Sanitary and first aid kit: A good quality, chemical free shampoo goes a long way in maintaining the luster of your dog’s coat. A first aid kit for your dog will help you take care of emergencies. A visit to the local vet would help you not only in procuring the essential medical supplies, but also provide training for you to use them on your dog without panicking.

4) Dog Bedding and dog food bowls: A suitably large and comfortable bed is essential for a good sleep for your dog. Make sure that the cushioning is not too springy, as dogs prefer a firm support. Two simple, easy-to-clean stainless steel bowls would suffice for your dog’s feeding time.

5) Dog Leash and dog collar: A good quality of leash, one that allows him ample radius to explore without inconveniencing the walker is critical for a well behaved dog. As for the collar, make sure it is tagged so that people return it to you in the event it gets lost.

6) Dog Chew toy: Dogs love to use their teeth on things. A chew toy makes sure you dog spares your furniture and cushion. As a bonus, chewing on a toy also makes your dog’s teeth stronger.
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