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Dog Training The best dog training program is the foundation of a good behavior in dogs. Majority of dogs wants to make their owners happy, but untrained dogs do not know how to do it. Well trained dogs are healthier and happier- and so are their owners. Here are some guidelines that will help you to come up with a personal dog obedience training program.

Dog Training Equipment

An effective training program does not require many supplies. However, there is some equipment that will ease the process. Choose a fancy dog collar or embroidered dog colar that is comfortable and suitable for your dog. Afterwards, decide which leash is appropriate for dog training.

Getting Started

Before you begin the dog training, come up with the best dog training method that is suitable for you and your dog. Dogs respond well to positive reinforcement, for example, dog treat and praise. The training methods should incorporate socialization.

Dog Training Sessions

Success is mainly achieved in small steps. The perfect training session should be at least 10-15 minutes, 2-4 times per day. This type of sessions is suitable for puppies because they have a short attention span. An adult dog can become bored due to longer sessions. Start with the easiest basic commands such as the sit command. Afterwards, you can teach your dog to lie down. Ensure you train your dog to come when called, since it is the most crucial command. After your dog has learned the obedience basics you can, and then move to advanced commands and fun tricks.

Dog Training Challenges

Dog obedience training program can be sometimes challenging since it requires time. Sometimes your dog can display some behavior problems such as aggression. Do not force it since it will only cause confusion. Just shift the dog’s attention to something new. You can capture your dog’s attention with enthusiasm and treats.

Always end the session on a positive note. You will eventually succeed with consistency and patients.
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