New Puppy Healthy Relationship

healthy puppy
Puppy healthy relationship

dog training tips and puppy training tips for caring dog owners.

Why is it important to establishing a healthy relationship with your new puppy?

There is so much anticipation, yet now is the time that the new puppy is entering our family home and the timing is now perfect in establishing a healthy and caring relationship with your new puppy. The likelihood is that your puppy first encounter will be to be lying down in front of you or maybe lying on his back. At this point in time your puppy should have a dog collarFree Shipping on orders over $35 and currently up-to 50% discounted prices on selected pet supplies, which would be safely attached and used for supervised walks.

To develop a caring environment it will be necessary to give him a gentle stroking and an encouraging word. Don’t overdo this caring gesture, instead try and encourage the puppy to stay in this posture by gentle persuasion as it could be an ideal opportunity in teaching your puppy a gentle lesson in submission and dominance, encourage your puppy through fun-time and play through gently persuasion. Avoid all out confrontation not only against other dogs but also not against people.

A caring environment encourages a companion-animal relationship where you and your puppy have mutual respect for each other’s role in the family dynamics – your role and responsibility being to communicate direction, and his being to respond suitably. Your puppy will be expected to please you through his compliance. It is important that you recognize his compliance by offering praise and if appropriate a small individual dog treats – not in quantities that would amount to overfeeding.

This is the kind of mutual respect relationship you will need to encourage and maintain and you will need to start at the beginning of your relationship with your puppy as soon as he enters yours/his family home. It is recommended that you do not physically force your puppy to do anything he does not, or is not ready to do, instead encourage and only give him praise when he is in compliance, and crucial to maintain consistency and friendliness – remember the need for a caring environment for your puppy. If you detect he is becoming overly excited, then settle him down with the kind words of ‘Settle’ or ‘Outside’ or whichever wording or phrase you consider best.

Try to be consistent when taking your puppy outside for his toileting or exercise. Use a separate door for using the toilet, and a separate door if going outside for his fun-time. Praise your puppy when and where necessary especially after successful toileting ‘Good Boy’. The other door will be recognized as the fun-time door and will be associated with the dog leash and harnessFree Shipping on orders over $35 and currently nearly 40% discounted price, so every time you prepare him for outside activity he will know instinctively which door will be used.

In preparation of teaching your puppy good housekeeping techniques, you will also need to consider his regular pattern of daily feeding, usually three meals a day in the beginning. The puppy’s preferred eating regime and the type of dog food should have been determined at the outset by querying with the previous owner the type of food and the quantity he would be happy eating.

If your puppy seems to be a fussy eater, then you can try offering him titbits of chicken and beef just to whet his appetite, important to keep the feeding location consistent and relatively peaceful where he can eat without undue interference. The ultimate intention is to allow him to become comfortable and encourage him to have a regular routine of eating his food on a regular daily basis, sleeping, elimination of wastes and regular daily exercise which will encourage a comfortable sleeping pattern and a caring environment.

Young puppies are very susceptible to hidden problems with the spine and joints, even more so with certain dog breeds, so it will be advised to allow your puppy to rest and sleep in the most comfortable bed that you can comfortable afford. When relaxing or sleeping you puppy and future dog will be to be able to stretch his legs and not be restricted in any way.

The ideal solution to avoid future problems with hip dysplasia – Hip Dysplasia in Dogs, and other joint problems is to invest in a comfortable extra-large dog bed or preferable a better quality orthopaedic or memory foam dog bedthis item free shipping and currently 20% discounted price, and this type of modern bed will guarantee the comfort of your newly acquired family puppy.

Discourage your puppy from chew or nibble on your fingers or hands, even when his little teeth don’t inflict pain or discomfort. There will be more than a possibility that when your puppy grows the chewing and biting on your hands will become painful, and at this late stage this bad habit can become very difficult to break. In a very short time you will become to know your little puppy very well and there will be mutual respect and plenty of fun-time for both.

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healthy puppy

dog training tips and puppy training tips for caring dog owners.

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