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Dog Food
Dog Food

As much as you love yourself, you should love your dog too.

What Every Dog Owner Need to Know About Dog Food?

Keeping yourself and probably your family well fed is usually a main concern for you and the same goes for your dog’s selection of dog food almost every time of the day. What you eat and drink is always prioritized under the category of being ‘healthy’ combining a nutritious daily diet with a consistent program of daily exercise can ensure a long and healthy future. As much as you love yourself, you should love your dog too. What better way can you show care and concern for your lovely pet other than the delicious and highly nutritious daily dog food diet, the care you offer your dog is a true reflection of the daily meals you provide for your dog? I am sure playing with your Chihuahua or Pitts every day does not necessarily mean proper dog care for them. You are the sole provider for your family dog, and any neglect in providing your loyal dog a nutritious and wholesome daily dog food mix containing his full allocation of all his daily essential ingredients, can have medium and long term implications on the health and welfare of your dog.

Many dog owners simply buy food for their family dog out of sheer impulse. Too many of us will impulsively drop in our shopping carts any conveniently positioned dog food container without any consideration of our dog’s nutritional needs or without any reference to the nutritional requirements on the manufacturers packaging label, getting your hands on the most convenient and possible the cheapest brand of food for your family dog in the stores is better than boiling a few chunks of leftover meat with some corn. Well to your surprise, some pet food for your dog sold in stores may be exactly that (if not worse) as your dog’s daily feeding needs is that he must receive his essential vitamins, essential minerals and his essential trace elements within his daily dog food mix. So what is it exactly that you and I can look for when intending to buy dog food? “I’m sure ‘Bruno’ won’t mind eating this”. Such are the ideas running in your head. Here are a few things you need to see in his daily pet food diet for your dogto at least ascertain that your dog will not mind.


Believe it or not, several intensive tests see pet food safety are carried out by the manufacturer on pet food before being allowed and recommended for sale. The tests range from simple taste and smell to how fast the dog consumes the food. Crunchy versus slimy, Aroma versus color, All these are considered and determined. The beauty of it is that, identifying the food is made reasonably simple for you. All pet foods need to be well packaged and on the packaging it is recommended to reveal such tests and trial information. So every time you have to go buy pet food for your dog, remember that it is usually a good idea to read, understand and follow the packaging instructions.


Did you know that dog food, like human food is required to meet certain nutritional standards although the lowest levels of nutritional standard are not necessarily complimentary to your dog’s nutritional needs? Well now that you do, this information should go a long way in getting your puppy or year old shepherd a nutritious meal. Almost all countries have a governing body (or at least should have) that is in charge of ensuring the pet food formula sold to you is safe. In most countries, this responsibility lies with the same organizations that are in charge of drugs, cosmetics and food in general. It is a recommendation that all animal feed indicate their ingredients on the packaging.

Most pet food is indicated to have meat as the main ingredient. The list goes on with several nutrient supplements and cereal grains, this being the possible weakness of the whole ingredients of natural raw food as the cereal grains is the only dog food ingredients that can very easily become contaminated before included within the dog food ingredients. The particular concern lies in the storage of the cereal grains and as the cereal grains are declared “not fit for human consumption” and this fact is the main concern as the are no policing on the storage of the cereal grains after harvest, that can allow contamination from various grain eating insects, grain mites and the more toxic to our family dog, grain fungi which from their toxic molds, can produce one of the most lethal toxins to humans and canines – (“”l). These lethal toxins are known to the scientific world and are exceptionally lethal poisons are called mycotoxins, there are hundreds of these known mycotoxins – the damage of these toxins within dog food – processed dog food, can be researched within this news article: (“Toxic pet food may have killed dozens of dogs”, News Services, Article ID 10771943, May 10, 2006). Several manufacturers record long lists of cereal grains that are said to be in small quantities. These are usually variant names to a particular cereal grain. If you carefully calculate, all these grain additives at times add up to more bulk than the meat itself. When you buy dog food, be careful about this and be prepared to research the type of storage and whether the cereals grains within the dog food was initially categorized as “not fit for human consumption” somehow I don’t think you will have access to these details.

Modern day dogs’ nutritional requirements are straight forward as they will require all the essential vitamins, essential minerals, and essential trace elements which is relevant to the meat eating carnivores and if as a dog lover who is concerned that their family dog is receiving their dog’s natural raw dog food, then the only cost effective dog food that is suitable is the natural dehydrated dog food which actually contains the necessary low calorie dog food and fortunately contains all of the dogs’ essential ingredients to ensure your family dog to benefit from a long, healthy and nutritiously balanced natural raw dog food diet.

Calculate if you have to just how much meat these companies are giving your dog. Buy dog food from the best with the best nutrition and always ensure before buying your dog his daily food diet that he will receive his full rations of his essential minerals, essential trace elements and his essential vitamins, because your dog must receive his daily quota of all his essential ingredients in his daily dog food mix. Buying your dog any type of pet food will not assure you’re your dog’s continuing good health, or assure you that your family dog will remain in good health in the short, medium or long term, as your dog can very quickly become prone to many serious dog deficiency diseases when he is deprived of his daily quota of all the essential ingredients. At any time if your dog is deprived for any reason of his daily essential ingredient, then it would be important for you to supplement his essential ingredients by way of dog supplements – although working out the exact amount within the deficient within the formula to give your dog can become very difficult and even impossible if you are unable to accurately assess his needs without knowing its deficiency.

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Dog Food

Many dog owners simply buy food for their family dog out of sheer impulse. Too many of us will impulsively drop in our shopping carts any conveniently positioned dog food container.

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