Low Calorie Dog Food Benefits

low calorie dog food

There is a natural raw dog food which is healthy for your family dog that contains a low calorific content known as low calorie dog food

Low Calorie Dog Food: An Effective Way To Make Your Dog Fit & Healthy

Why Feed My Dog Low Calorie Dog Food?

Getting healthy food for your dog is very important. We humans are becoming more cautious about what we eat; we are practicing healthy diet which consists of eating our fair share of vegetable and fruit on a daily basis, why shouldn’t we think same about our family dog. Eating unhealthy food will eventually have an adverse effect not only on our weight gain, but also can have an adverse effect on our circulatory system, and eventually can cause problems on numerous deficiency diseases. When we think about the food eaten by humans when we overindulge with food and become overweight our recommended solution is to reduce our calorific intake, fortunately, there is a natural raw dog food which is healthy for your family dog that contains a low calorific content known as low calorie dog food, and is ideal for providing your dog with his full daily quota of essential ingredients, yet with reduced calorie content will help to reduce his risks from obesity related illnesses.

An unhealthy dog food diet whereby your dog is receiving unhealthy daily ingredients and being deprived of his essential vitamins, essential minerals and essential trace elements – referred to as his daily essential ingredients, can cause health problems like gaining extra weights, heart problems, and in time can incur mamy debilitating deficiency diseases etc… Low calorie dog food can be a good solution for your dog’s daily dog food diet, for a long time the manufacturers of dog food kept using same ingredients unhealthy ingredients and continued using these ingredients until scientific evidence suggested that a dog’s digestive system is dissimilar to the human digestive system.

Briefly the main difference with the dog’s digestive system is the dog’s digestive system dog not comprise of the chewing process – no chewing food, no saliver mixed within the chewed food, so dog food manufacturers was eventually forced to change their manufacturing techniques and higher quality ingredients, including meat,fish, vegetables and fruit with no colorings, preservatives or unnatural additives to the high quality dog food. Now since humans are becoming more health conscious so the manufacturers started to make healthier and more nutritious food that will now provide your dog with the full quota of his essential ingredients within his daily ration.

Providing your family dog with the natural raw dog food ingredients on a daily basis, can be prohibitive based solely on the daily high cost of fresh meat, fresh fish, fresh vegetables and fresh fruit – unfortunately when the fresh ingredients are mixed – very time consuming in itself, the remaining fresh ingredients would only remain in the chilled cabinet in a healthy state for a few days, then need to re-buy the fresh ingredients every couple of days and the go through the whole mixing process again and again, the mixing process can be time consuming when mixed correctly – can take in excess of a hour at least.

The cheapest option for feeding your family dog with fresh ingredients and thus supplying your dog with his full quota of daily essential ingredients is for you to buy his dog food as a natural raw dog food, which to reduce costs by the manufacturer is usually to freeze dry the fresh ingredients and supply the fresh food ingredients as dehydrated raw dog food – including low calorie dog food. Although if you decide to take advantage of this cheaper option of providing your family dog with his essential ingredients by the natural raw ingredients – dehydrated dog food, then you must ensure your dog have continuous access to fresh drinking water throughout the day, as you dog becoming dehydrated can be a real concern, and must be avoided by simple measures as allowing your dog free uninterrupted daily access to fresh drinking water.

Low calorie dog food is generally dehydrated raw dog food that has been formulated to avoid dogs from becoming obese or when the dog is obese, the reduced calorific content and adhering strictly to the packaging instruction is designed to allow the obese dog to lose excess weight and still receive his full quota of essential ingredients.

Benefits of Low Calorie Dog Food

Most of the people are aware of the importance and the benefits of high quality, low calorie dog food because of increasing obesity problems in dogs. But the importance of the good quality, high protein diet is usually overlooked. It’s a well-known fact that dogs can handle more protein than a human can, but it is also important to not feed more than required protein in the dog food. Low calorie dog food is manufactured keeping this fact in mind; these controls the nutrients and protein consumption. You can feed your dog exactly as much calories as needed, so no worry of gaining extra pounds. High protein low calorie food helps in the development and growth of muscles, also helps to boost the immune system and repair from any injuries. The most important benefit of low calorie dog food is that your dog will not get obese and it automatically prevents lots of disease, even if your dog has gained some extra weight it will help your dog to lose that extra weight.

Clear Some Misconceptions

Many people believe that high protein low calorie dog food can contribute to weight and kidney problems to the dog. But the fact is, a dog is descended from wolves and their bodies can handle more proteins than a human body can. So, don’t worry your dog will not have any problem because of this diet.

Some Advice

The amount of calories required for the dog can vary drastically. According to a research study, recently broadcasted in the Journal of the American Veterinary Association, a dog should have up to 200cal. Per suggested level. SO if your dog eats 3 cups per day, then it means that he is having extra 400 unnecessary calories. These low calorie foods will reduce the amount of extra calories your dog is eating.

My canine companion Bella has suffered all her life with weight problem due to her thyroid condition. Low calorie dog food worked but, alone it does not provide great results. Here are two top remedies which I have discovered for my Bella and it worked amazingly:

  • Portion Control
  • Regular Exercise

Apart from the nutritious low calorie dog food you should take your dog for a walk every day as as days turn into weeks, then you need to increase the distance and timing of the walks to increase your dog’s fitness, as your dog gets more fit increase the walking distance and try to make every walk as much fun time as you can.

There has been a debate going on for past few years, if lower calorie dog food is good for the dog or not, although the positive long standing evidence from dog nutritionists and nutritional experts and evidenced from many dog food trials extended over many years, there remains people have their doubts and we must respect the opinions and beliefs as scientific evidences is not an exact scientific fact. Some people do not agree with the use of low calorie food and, some are using it and witnessing the improvement.

But my theory is simple, when we humans get extra weight, we go for low calorie dog food and exercise to lose that extra weight, same goes to the dogs. My older family dog who have been with us for many years is still healthy and full of vitality with no adverse effects in his old age, so we are definitely doing something right, and his diet over the years has proved to me that it works, so I will continue feeding my other younger dogs including Bella, on the little more expensive but far higher quality low calorie dog food. Furthermore not only is the food delivered right to my kitchen door, delivered promptly every month on subscription and receive up to 10% discount every month, depending on how many subscriptions I have active – I never need to re-order and yet received every month without any hassle – and receive a discount every month – Thanks DogSiteWorldStore for offering the ideal solution for a dog owner like me.

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low calorie dog food

Most of the people are aware of the importance and the benefits of high quality, low calorie dog food because of increasing obesity problems in dogs. But the importance of the good quality, high protein diet is usually overlooked.

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