How to Decide a Proper Diet for Your Dog?

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dog food

What we feed our dog determines his long term health.

What we feed our dog determines his long term health.


Dog Food

What we feed our dog determines his long term health.

Selecting the correct daily dog food mix has an influence on our dog’s long term health and well-being, when we consider our dog nutritional needs which are specific to his specific breed, size, exercise and living environment.

Looking beyond the Label and Advertisements

If your family dog has;

  • Large smelly stools
  • Is gaseous
  • Burps often
  • Sheds constantly
  • Prone to ear and skin infections
  • Has no energy or hyperactive
  • Immune system weak

Then something may be of concern in your dog’s diet. Although any or a combination of these symptoms may occur occasionally, recurring often is a cause for concern.

Firstly, your dog needs 45 nutrients in his daily dog food mix to function properly. The main group of these nutrients are protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, trace elements and minerals – vitamins, trace elements and minerals account for 23 essential ingredients, and access to fresh water.

Unfortunately you as the dog owner must provide the majority of these essential ingredients, as these essential ingredients your dog is unable to produce within his bodily functions. The nutrient and essential ingredients must be provided in the correct amounts, in order to be ingested and absorbed by the dog’s body – What’s in a Balanced Dog Food?.

You dog need a high protein and low carbohydrates diet to remain fit and healthy.

Your dog will need fats, there are two types of fats, saturated (animal fat) and unsaturated (vegetable fat) both need to be provided to supply the essential fatty acids (EFA) to maintain good health. Not enough fat in the diet can cause:

  • Low energy levels
  • Heart problems
  • Dry skin

Too much fat causes:

  • Obesity
  • Tumours
  • Cancer


Vitamins are essential for your dog to release nutrients from the ingested food so the body can use, there are two types of vitamins, water soluble and fat soluble vitamins.

It is imperative to understand that vitamins can easily be destroyed by any heat required through the manufacturing process, and the breakdown of vitamins as soon as you open the packet and the contents being exposed to light and oxygen. Vitamin B and C are particularly prone.

Vitamin C is needed for:

  • Healthy teeth and gums
  • Effective immune system to fight diseases

Dogs can produce small amounts of vitamin C, although not enough for its daily needs, so need to be included in the dog’s daily dog food mix.

Vitamin B is needed for energy and to ensure the breakdown of protein and carbohydrates.


Minerals are the hidden essential ingredient in your dog’s diet, yet minerals are crucial to your dog’s health.

Essentially minerals tend to be the critical element that seems to be the least likely to be present at acceptable levels in your dog’s daily dog food mix, as the manufacturing process when heat is involved will readily destroy the majority of natural minerals. Processed dog food – using high temperatures to destroy bacteria and toxins because of using poor quality, yet cheap ingredients, will at most contain about only 2% of your dog’s mineral intake.

Giving your dog any type of supplements is an extremely risky procedure as the dog’s body must receive these essential ingredients in exacting amounts as overdosing of essential ingredients can become dangerous.

If you are confused as to which is the dog food which will provide you dog with the full quota of his essential nutrients and essential ingredients, then you will need to consider feeding your family dog with a diet that is created specifically for canines with the essential for perfect growth and maximum life expectancy with the manufacturing process which do not included high temperatures in its manufacture.

By far the best option, although the most expensive and time consuming, is using fresh ingredients including meat, vegetables and fruit – Easy Home Prepared Dog Food Recipe.

The only alternative dog food solution is buying dehydrated raw dog food which is specially formulated specifically for canines containing all the essential nutrients and essential ingredients and its manufacture to not include any type of heat.

If you decide to use dehydrated dog food for your dog’s daily dog food mix then you must read, understand and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label, as the correct mixing with water – called hydration, is crucial, and then ensure your dog has uninterrupted access to fresh and clean drinking water through the day and preferably the night time as well.


Without ready access to fresh clean drinking water you dog will not be able to maintain proper bodily functions as well as allowing your dog’s body to breakdown hard-to-digest food like meats.

Ready access to fresh clean drinking water is crucial for maintaining your dog’s health and well-being, whether you make your own fresh dog food or feed your dog with dehydrated dog food – which is also low calorie dog food – to prevent your dog becoming obese, it is imperative to ensure your dog receives his essential nutrients and essential ingredients in the exacting amounts necessary for your dog. In this case a little extra effort in your dog’s selection of Dog’s Proper Diet goes a long way in ensuring your life long companion has a long and healthy life.

Providing a well-balanced dog food diet containing all your dog’s essential nutrients and essential ingredients is essential if you genuinely care about the health and longevity of your family dog, furthermore we must accept that what we feed our dog determines his long term health is as true today as it was many decades ago when many family dogs was lucky to be offered any nutritious scraps that would be sufficient to maintain long term health.

The issue today for feeding our family dog is the vast choice of dog food produced and determining the healthy dog food packet which contains the full quota of his essential nutrient and essential ingredients and the inferior processed dog food which is profoundly deficient in most of the essential nutrients and ingredients for your dog, and although cheaper to buy, but can be more costly to your dog’s health and well-being in the future.

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Dog Food

What we feed our dog determines his long term health.

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