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Dog Food

Fresh Dog Food is Superior

Dog Food: All pet owners should master the tips and tricks of finding the best dog food for good health. You should pay attention to nutrition and quality when choosing your ideal dog food. Uninformed buyers only pay attention to price and quantity.

The same rules that apply to humans apply to pets in relation to health. A diet abundant in nutrients will help your dog to live longer. A quality dog food will also help your pet to maintain strong muscles, teeth and bones. Such dog  food will also help your dog to build strong immune system.

Dog Food: Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Dog Food For Good Health

(a) Age: There is a variety of dog foods designed for puppies, middle aged, working and older dogs. Always choose a food that is ideal for the age of your dog. This is therefore a vital factor that you should consider since different aged dogs require different diets. Working dogs require special food because they expel absolutely enormous amount of energy.

(b) Pregnancy: To cater for the higher demand for calories and nutrients, you should follow a careful feeding program when feeding pregnant dogs.

(c) Size: Small sized dogs may require small quantity of food compared to their larger counterparts. However, make sure that the dog food does not contain many types of fillers such as rice. You should note that dogs are carnivores and they thrive when meat is abundant in their diet.

(d) Breed: The breed of your dog may determine the most ideal food for it. However, quality dog foods should contain healthy fats and oils. For your dog to stay healthy, it should have clean gums and teeth.

Varieties Of Best Dog Foods for Good Health

(a) All-natural dog food: This superb natural raw dog food can help you to spare your favorite dog from additives and preservatives. This type of food will leave your dog satisfied without feeling gassy or bloated. It should also incorporate all necessary nutrients.

(b) Vegetarian dog food: You can occasionally feed your dog treats such as vegetarian dog food. However, specialized diet should only be recommended by a qualified vet. Most vegetarian foods contain soy as protein source. Vegetarian dog foods are also marketed to owners who do not want their dogs to consume meat products. There are also diets specially formulated for dogs that are allergic to chicken, corn or wheat.

(d)Dried dog food: Premium version of this food is made with all-natural, human-grade ingredients. Cheaper versions are made from soybean, rice or corn. Many dog owners prefer this type of food for its easy storage and convenience. A good high quality dry food will work out to be more economical than the generic brands.

(e) Raw dog food: You may have noted that your dog enjoys a good meaty bone more than commercial food. Many dog owners feel that this is the healthiest and the best choice for their dog. Since many veterinarians are recommending feeding dogs with raw food, raw dog food diet is becoming more popular.

Dog Food: To summarize, you should pay much attention to quality and nutrition value when looking for the best dog food for good health. You should avoid purchasing foods with preservatives, flavors or artificial colors. It is advisable to choose food made from natural ingredients. Such foods usually have soft earth tones. The most common types of dog foods are canned, semi-moist and dry products. Only buy your dog food from reputable suppliers.

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