Dogs Eating Grass! Why?

Dogs Eating Grass! Why?

Nearly all dogs eat grass it’s the normal day to day exploits, and then again there are some dogs who will be nibbling or eating grass almost non-stop.

The Grass Eating Dog

Nearly all dogs eat grass it’s the normal day to day exploits, and then again there are some dogs who will be nibbling or eating grass almost non-stop at every conceivable opportunity and that could be considered all the time. In this modern age you would expect all veterinarians have a fairly convincing understanding why dogs eat grass, instead gathering research for this article the general opinion between experts seem to suggest that the vets have a good idea why dogs eat grass, although there seems to be many acceptable and convincing theories that divide opinions, with no certainty that all experts can agree on – why do dogs eat grass. I wonder if the reason the experts don’t know the reason is mainly because no one has figured out how to ask dogs the two intriguing questions: “Do you like the taste?” and “If it tastes so good, why you throw it up?”

If only the ordinary dog in the street could talk! But if you are like many dog owners who live in a grassy area you would swear sometimes that your dog is a Freesia heifer. Their dogs just lay out in the yard and continuously graze just like a Freesia heifer. As dog owners we are aware that our dogs constantly explore their worlds with their noses and mouths, and constantly on the lookout for the familiar and unfamiliar scents. Then consider the grass that your dog seems to be interested in, attractive, sweet-smelling, and again seems to have an appealing texture all of its own; and it’s ever-so-accessible where ever they twist and turn. So why not eat it? Then consider the well fed puppy, who is receiving the precise nutrition and feeding at its exact life stage, and yet is still capable of feasting of grass irrespective to being well fed and in the best of health.

Dogs May Have a Craving for Green

Dogs are remarkably diverse in their desires for food irrespective of the tastes that have been used too. They’ll they will not hesitate in devouring a bowl of dehydrated war dog food, and if that is not enough of nutrition, then waddle over to see if there’s anything worth eating in the trash. And without hesitation especially if they are still slightly hungry, they’ll wander to see what goodies is leftover in the cat’s box. Basically, they’ll sample whatever is available, and usually disregarding the feelings of contentment within his body, or at the very least they will never hesitate in sampling, whatever they find edible in front of noses.

When remembering that dog’s are direct descendants of the wild dog’s, and understanding the constant battle against hunger in the wild, then there could be a theoretically good reason for their liberal tastes. Unlike cats, who evolved solely as hunters, dogs survived by scavenging? When they couldn’t catch live prey, which was probably most of the time, they would be privileged or forced to be content with eat the ancient equivalent of road-kill. They would not have to care too much if the road-kill equivalent had been lying in the hot sun for a few weeks or was partially or half-buried under old twigs and leaves. It was food and the opportunity to ease the hunger pangs even if only for a few hours, and they weren’t going to pass it up and miss an ideal opportunity to gorge. When fresh meat kill wasn’t on the table, they’d take the opportunity to root around for the forest floor for tender and not so succulent leafy stalks, or roots, or an old not so polished bone. They simply weren’t fussy, and dogs today don’t seem to have gotten any fussier. They’re predisposed to like just about everything that seems to be vaguely edible and then the contents inside the dog’s digestive system seem to be immune to all types of debris whether edible or not.

In addition, there’s some evidence that dogs get cravings for certain foods. It’s possible that dogs occasionally get a liking for various green vegetables, just as us people occasionally go to bed dreaming about their favorite mashed potatoes and luscious meat loaf. It shouldn’t be not as strange as it may sound. Grass was very likely and essential part of their ancestors’ regular diets.

Dogs are omnivores, which mean they eat meat as well as plants – vegetables and fruit. They don’t have a need for grassy nutrients in modern days because most commercialized dog foods are nutritionally complete containing his full supply of his daily essential ingredients – different dogs with different needs adult dog. But dogs cannot be expected to be the all-knowing pet nutritionists and be selective to their day to day diet. Either they don’t know or care that they’ve already received their daily essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements quotients from their bowl of kibble. It seems to be obvious that their natural instincts keep telling them that grass is nutritious and heath inducing so is good for them, so they eat it grass at every opportunity. Besides, there’s a world of difference between satisfying the minimal nutritional requirements and having a great meal and then not knowing when the next meal will be coming from. And for many dogs, a mouthful of grass clearly tastes great. It’s like a salad – they eat some acquire the taste, and then wanting more at every possible opportunity, or whenever the opportunity fortunately arrived. Although providing your dog with the perfect nutritious dog food diet, your dog is likely to take advantage of any opportunity he has to head for a nearby grassy turf and likely eat to his hearts content.

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Dogs Eat Grass! Why?

They will not hesitate in devouring a bowl of dehydrated war dog food, and if that is not enough of nutrition, then waddle over to see if there’s anything worth eating in the trash.

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