Dogs Eating Grass Part 2

Dogs Eating Grass Part 2
Dog Eating Grass Part 2

They will be seen to chew a few mouthfuls of grass leaves and you will experience your dog what seems to be a violent retching process, and following an energetic interlude will throw up, or at least attempt to throw up.

The Grass Eating Dog (Part 2)

What Can I Do When My Dog Eats Grass and How to Caringly Deter?

Dogs who usually do not attempt to eat grass on a day to day basis and most of the time he do not show any sign of eating grass will be seen to be heading in the direction of the nearest pasture of grass when they are in the grip of feeling sick. They will be seen to chew a few mouthfuls of grass leaves and you will experience your dog what seems to be a violent retching process, and following an energetic interlude will throw up, or at least attempt to throw up.

As a dog owner what you have witnessed from your canine companion can be very confusing and possibly worrying, as you know your loyal companion isn’t a breed of cattle, so why is he behaving like a cow? So Do every dog eat grass? In my experience of walking my dog in our city park where there is a multitude of dog walkers enjoying quality time with their canine companions on a daily basis, I have seen dog owners become extremely concerned of their dogs feeding behavior with grass and showed concern that their dog is eating grass, intentionally making himself sick, yet they proclaim; is he hungry? Or is he Bored? Or is he in the very early stages of suffering an illness, will he be harmed in any way from this unusual habit? Finally, and possibly more important for the dog owner Will eating grass hurt him?

According to Veterinarians the dog owners I have witnessed showing concern and stress at their dogs eating grass in our local city park walking trails, need not worry too much as most dogs especially puppies and younger dogs, will eat grass – this article hopefully give them peace of mind. The veterinarians have a technical term for dogs who eat grass called Pica (Eating Things That Aren’t Food) and I quote: “The consumption of non-food items is a disorder called pica. Although pica can be a sign that a dogs diet is lacking in some nutrient, when pica occurs in puppies and young dogs the most common culprit is boredom… …Occasionally, eating non-food items develops into compulsive behavior, resulting in a dog who’s highly motivated to find and consume specific objects… … Dogs may also eat grass to get rid of worms or remedy for other kinds of stomach problems… …Grass and soil may serve as dietary supplements as long as the dog only eats grass and soil occasionally, this kind of pica doesn’t cause problems – [I believe, referring to eating grass and soil don’t normally cause problems] …” Unquote.

The pica article goes on to suggest that if you are unfortunate to have a puppy or young dog which you believe is suffering from pica – your first port of call should be acquiring veterinarian advice, then you need to consider providing plenty of quality fun time for you and your canine especially dog toys – currently at time of writing half price and free shipping on orders over $35, which encourage tug of war type activities and chewing dog toys – you will need to ensure the dog toys are made from a hard and tough non chewable material so bits or fragments will not be breaking off to cause your young dog harm – buy from a reputable online pet supplies store – especially stores offering free shipping on dog toys over $35.

Not only will it enhance valuable bonding between you and your young dog, but will also by playing tug of war, throwing a ball for him the retrieve is fun time together and allowing your dog to chew a selection of toys could resolve the pica issue or prevent the development of compulsive behavior – you must ensure that providing your young dog with dog chewing toys you must be convinced they are durable and dog teeth proof as biting off large chunks will not only be a cause of concern when ingested, but also the direct cause to your dogs demise, of choking on the large chunk of dog toy.

Puppies can be the most susceptible to suffering from pica through long periods of boredom, so from a very early age it is important to provide your puppy with as much quality fun time as it is possible to provide, as your puppy need to experience mental exertion in an effort to keep your puppy busy. There is a variety of excellent quality and safe dog toys that can provide your puppy mental exercise all ranging from Tricky™ Treat Ball, excellent varieties of food-stuffed Kongs™ at time of writing 35% discount and free shipping on Overs over $35, and Buster® Cubes. These are all of the highest quality dog chew toys and can provide your puppy many hours of quality fun time for both of you.

Although as a dog owner you must also be aware that for the bonding to be reinforced, you will need to regularly participate in your puppies quality fun time activities, including providing physical exercise on a regular daily basis, playing the much coveted tug of war and incorporating fetch and especially important is to experience long walks, and allow him to play with his dog buddies.

The one issue which as a dog owner you will need to be wary of is that when it comes to pica you will need to consider prevention is by far better that a late cure, so it is important for you as the caring dog owner to always assess and monitor your puppies behavior, and consistently verbally discourage your puppy moment you detect him attempting to pick up in his mouth anything he shouldn’t eat. Instantly change his focus by offering sparingly an appropriate dog treat – not necessarily as a diversion tactic – use dog treats at time of writing over 50% discount and free shipping on Orders over $35, as a reward good behavior only, or introduce some quality fun time if only for a short time instead, in an effort to encourage the redirection of his pica re-enforcing habits. On the other hand, if your puppy has already started to eat non-food items, instantly retrieve the items out of his mouth as inedible objects can be the cause of illnesses, internal blockages and risk of death and injury through choking.

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Dogs Eating Grass Part 2

I have seen dog owners become extremely concerned of their dogs feeding on grass behavior with eating grass and showed concern that their dog is eating grass.

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