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Like all other animals, dogs too have health issues that may require special attention. But unlike people, dogs don’t know how to speak out for themselves and telling what is wrong with your dog does at most require specialist knowledge. However, dogs are also very expressive animals and how your dog expresses itself might help you answer your dog health questions. Here are 4 tips to tell if your dog is healthy.

1. Is he happy?

Dogs are always happy for one reason or the other and will wag their tail most of the time when they are not asleep, display soft eyes and have their ears relaxed. They also love to get involved and take part in activities such as walking and fetching. Lack of these telltale signs could mean that your dog has health problems that need fixing.

2. What are his eating habits?

Veterinarians will tell you that all dogs have one thing in common and that is they will scarcely miss a meal. If any dog misses his meal for any other reason except that he may be full, then you have reason to worry and if this trend continues you should refer the dog to a veterinarian.

3. What is the condition of his skin

Most dog illnesses affect their skin and how radiant the skin is a good way of telling whether your dog is healthy or not. If the fur is peeling off this should be a cause for concern.

4. Is he angry?

Dogs suffer from psychological problems too and they express their problems through mood swings. Furthermore if a dog is sick, it will most likely not want to be disturbed and this need for peace may lead to aggressive behavior. If the dog further expresses too much aggression towards people than is normal, there are most likely underlying issues that should be solved first.

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