Dog Health: Obese Dog What Now?

dog health
dog health

Overweight or obese dogs can be affected from circulatory diseases.

Dog Health: Obese Dog What Now?

Dog Health: Just like humans a dog’s skeleton is only capable of supporting a dog of normal weight and any excess weight can cause many problems, not only problems associated with limbs and joints but also overweight or obese dogs can be affected from circulatory diseases and especially diseases associated with the heart and other vital organs, dogs can and do become overweight and even morbidly obese. But unlike people the cause and solution remains with the dog owner’s and this will be dependent on the motivation, expertize and commitment for the dog owner to resolve, it’s not in any way a problem with its lifestyle or eating habits, it’s purely the fault of the dog owner and possibly the lack of understanding of the dog’s nutritional needs and reinforcing good healthy eating habits.
Dog Health: Whatever has happened in the past, or what is likely to happen in the future ultimately it must be accepted that your dog haven’t or will have much say about the problem or the solution as the dog owners responsibility must be for the well-being of his dog. If you are feeding your dog large meals or allowing him access to dog food 24/7, instead of giving him controlled portions of dog food on a daily basis then your dog will over indulge feeding and over eating will further be aggravated by not encouraging your dog to actively participate in regular daily exercise, allowing him lie around the house all day, he will definitely become overweight and obese. And, as your dog gets older, his weight gain can become even more noticeable as he loses energy and looks and demand dog food more often.

Dog Health: When your dog is suffering from overweight or obese you must accept responsibility and if necessary use compassion and compile your plans in an effort to resolve the potentially dangerous predicament which can reduce your dog’s life expectancy by at least a third, so if you want to help your dog live a long healthy and full of vitality life then you need to adjust his abnormal reliance of heavy feeding and bring some normality in his life and guide him to a healthier lifestyle, in an effort for him to lose that extra weight and reduce his risks of diseases.

Dog Health: Obesity will drastically increase your dog’s risk of cancer, diabetes, and organ failure as he ages. Remember prevention is easier than the cure, So should have started feeding your dog with a carefully controlled dog food diet containing the full quota of his essential vitamins, essential minerals and his essential trace elements, and that would eliminate the need to reduce his weight in an effort to reduce his health risks, although the earlier you start to reduce your dog’s weight especially when your dog is younger and you can still reduce the risk of disease throughout your dog’s life.

Step One: Food Intake

Dog Health: The first thing you should do for your dog is take charge of the quality and quality of his daily dog food diet. In most cases obesity is simply due to a dog being fed too much dog food each and every day, the recommended dog food of choice is to feed your obese dog with the carefully manufactured low calorie dog food, especially if feeding your dog with fresh ingredients on a daily basis. Veterinarians suggest that you should be feeding your dog the following amounts of dog food for your dog, based on their weight:

* Less than 10 pounds: Feed 1/3 to 1 cup of food per day
* 10-25 pounds: Feed 1-2 1/4 cups per day
* 25-50 pounds: Feed 2-3 cups per day
* 50-75 pounds: Feed 3-5 cups per day
* Over 75 pounds: Feed 5-8 cups per day

These measurements are for dry dog food and the weights given are for normal, healthy dogs. If your dog is already overweight or obese, you should take into consideration what a healthy dog for your dog’s breed should weigh.

Dog Health: You can start cutting out your dog’s extra dog food by feeding your dog two measured meals per day. Split this recommended dog food amount into two individual meals. Some dog owners like to put down the dog’s ration once a day and keep filling the bowl throughout the day but that’s the best way in the world to make your dog obese. Instead, feed your dog two smaller measured meals per day and carefully measure the amounts of dog food you put in the dog bowl.

Dog Health: You should also cut out all unnecessary treats and avoid all table scraps as table scraps are human food and not food necessarily suitable or manufactured to strict dog food guidelines. Doggie Treats are fine as a training tool, when you reward your dog for good behavior and enforcing good habits, but you shouldn’t give them to your dog as a treat and certainly not to be offered to your dog continuously throughout the day.
Dog Health: It’s okay to give your dog one or two treats per day as a reward for good deeds or behavior, but if you keep giving your dog treats all day they will add pounds to your dog. Table scraps add weight and could contain traces of unhealthy ingredients and can be dangerous to your dog’s health. You must be aware that your dog must lose weight and your daily dog food diet must reflect this fact, experts in dog nutrition will suggest that your dog need to be given dog food which will reduce his bulk feeding, although must ensure your dog receives his full quota of his essential ingredients. The ideal solution is to feed your dog with a low calorie dog food which contains the full quota of his essential ingredients but safely reduce his intake of either carbohydrates or bulky protein to a health level.

Step Two: Exercise

Dog Health: Ask anyone who’s been on a human diet and they will probably tell you that it’s not enough to eat less as only reduce their food intake will not allow them to lose weight without the daily exercise for at least an hour a day. They also have to add regularly daily exercise to have any chance of losing weight. It’s the same principle with your dog. Luckily, most dogs enjoy regular daily exercising and especially a regular visit to the local dog park. Unless your dog is elderly or he’s lost his ability and energy, he will probably enjoy going out going for a walk or enjoying a good running session. But you must give your dog the opportunity to become accustomed to regular exercise on a daily basis! Because your dog sits around the house all day and to you seems to be content, but don’t assume that he doesn’t want to go out and get some regular and daily exercise.
Dog Health You have to go outside with him and give yourself and him the chance to exercise together.

Dog Health: If you don’t have a chance to go out and spend an hour or two engaging in regular exercise, then spend fun time playing with your dog indoors but ensure it is truly energetic and maintain this exercise for both for at least one hour duration. Play some fun running games. Play fetch with your dog and teach your dog to chase some dog toys through the house. If you have a small dog then you won’t even have to get up when you play fetch with him. Even if you have a dog with a low energy level it is crucial that you gently progress the energy and fitness level with the intention of increasing fitness levels on a daily basis, often times when you start making lifestyle changes in your dog’s dog food diet you will start to see some immediate changes in their level of energy and fitness. If you take your dog outdoors following their change his dog food diet, you may see that your dog has become more alert and energy levels have increased substantially. Your dog will feel like playing again and on a regular basis, it is important you maintain these increasing energy levels by being consistent and if that means forcing yourself out to participate when you are disinclined the so be it.

Dog Health: Do keep in mind that if your dog is very overweight or obese whether this is life threatening to your dog or not, or unhealthy in any way, you should talk to your veterinarian before making lifestyle changes to your dog’s dog food diet or undertaking any kind of accelerated fitness regimen with your dog. You want to make sure that you aren’t putting any undue stress on your body or your dog’s body with the lifestyle changes you want to make.
Dog Health: Your vet can give you some good advice and very valuable guidance. Your dog health and dog care is an extremely important commitment as a caring dog owner, as your actions have a direct effect on your family dog, and you must take your dog health and care seriously and this must be reinforced with commitment and resolve.

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