Dog Food Allergies Inner Secrets Revealed

dog food allergies inner secrets revealed

Dog Food Allergies Inner Secrets Revealed


A food allergy in dogs remains a condition that is difficult to identify unless the dog owner is fully aware of the crucial baseline information.

A food allergy in dogs remains a condition that is difficult to identify unless the dog owner is fully aware of the crucial baseline information with regard to this specific type of allergy. With knowledge and experience of the baseline information on dog food allergies the main symptoms of food allergies include facial itching, limb chewing, belly itching, recurrent ear infections and skin infections.

With modern day dogs that consume a large selection of cheaply prepared food materials that include a large variety of – and various kinds of proteins, food fillers, coloring agents, preservatives and in some undesirable dog food products artificial flavors and meat by-products.

Meat by-products consist mainly of animal parts that are waste or by-products of the human food industry and therefore are not fit for human consumption including ground bones, organs, blood, fatty tissue and intestines – meat by-products is often referred to as 4-D livestock – dead, decaying, diseased, disabled, dying including small and large animals euthanized diseased and decaying.

Although it is impossible to know what is included within animal by-products as the manufacturers don’t know and don’t care to know. Allergic reactions in dogs normally involve the skin – which is the most sensitive organ of the dog, or the gastro-intestinal tract.

Be aware that you may come across your dog itching following his dog food meal, and then you can suspect a food allergy condition. However, it would be necessary to eliminate a fungal infection within your dog before concluded that the itching is directly related to food allergy.

A common cause for food allergies in dogs to corn or wheat ingredients. However the food allergies can vary from dog to dog. It is extremely important to read, understand the manufacturer’s product labels before you consider feeding your dog with the pet food ingredients in an effort to convince yourself that the dog food ingredients is not likely to be harmful to your dog’s health. It is already known that the needless colorings within dog food mix being a prime cause of food allergies in dogs.

Dog food allergies are often the cause of hyper-activity behavior that can be observed in dogs. When added in a cocktail formula with artificial colorings, preservatives, and the high fat content and this formula incorporated into the daily dog food diet, it will be easy to understand the risks to your dog of food allergies.

As a caring dog owner it is imperative that you show caution before you decide on your choice of your dog’s daily dog food diet, and at the least you must closely monitor your dog for any signs of food allergies and important to understand that as soon as detected you must seek veterinarian intervention, as any delay can become a major problem for your family canine.

Interestingly, on regular occasions food allergies having been diagnosed as a concern for the dog based on the signs and symptoms observed, yet the symptom has screened other debilitating diseases like pancreatitis. So to rule out the food allergies it is recommended to observe your dog’s symptoms and actions on every occasion you feed your dog. Look for definitive signs to confirm a food allergy, especially specific signs displayed following the dog food meal. These signs are the significant features to emphasize the cause.

Cost of dog food products to avoid the risk of food allergies.

The cost of feeding your dog is an important issue for all family dog owners and it seems that the solution for some families is to buy the cheapest dog food available. There is a large selection of dog foods whether your shopping experience is from online pet supplies stores, or visiting the local pet supplies store. Buying the cheapest dog food mix is a habit which is difficult to break, as changing your dog’s feeding mix to something better quality and more nutritious will have an adverse effect on the family finances.

Yes, the cost factor to the family finances need be considered as it will be likely to have an impact on the available funding of the family income, especially when financial resources are limited. Although it is important that an understanding of the dog food ingredients directly determines the value of the food product. The cost of manufacturing dog food products is based on the cost of ingredients – raw high quality ingredients – including fish, meat, vegetables and fruit will always have a higher value cost, then include the cost of the manufacturing process.

Costs for food for dogs is similar to the costings for food for humans, when the family prefer to buy nourishing human food, then the cost will be higher than processed human food. Similarly, dog food mix that is manufactured from fresh raw ingredients and freeze dried, the cheapest manufacturing process – excluding processed dog food, will cost slightly more as the combination of fresh ingredients and the freeze drying process has a cost value. It is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the products labels by reading and understanding which ingredients are included within the dog products, then you can be selective to which dog food you buy for your dog. Most higher quality dog food products will provide only natural ingredients in the dog food, so you need to read, understand the labelling information and select based on your priorities.

The costings factor will need to be considered in perspective as the preparation and the manufacturing process will be the deciding factor on the balanced feeding of dogs with the all-important essential minerals, essential trace elements and essential vitamins all present in the perfect formulation within the daily dog food mix. High quality dog food product will always contain the proper vitamin and minerals supplementations within the food after the manufacturing process is complete.

How important is the dog food product when considering the value of your dog being assessed in terms of companionship and happiness derived from the dog to the family, dog owner. Even though the higher quality dog food products are slightly more taking into account you are providing a healthy and more nutritious daily dog food diet.

Many dog owners don’t consider the extra cost for quality as a financial burden, due to the increased benefits to the dog’s health in terms of providing your dog with all his essential ingredients and reducing, if not eliminating the risks associated with mal-nutrition diseases which can be directly damaging not only to your dog’s health and well-being but also can adversely affect your family finances for long term veterinary treatment.

The selection of the dog food must be based on the ingredients present within the dog food product and must be based on the quality factor. Even when the highest quality is obtained it is easy for the dog owner to look for the cheapest products. Your dog must receive his daily recommended nutrient content – his full quota of essential minerals, essential trace elements and his essential vitamins, this way your dog will not be reliant on daily supplements which would be difficult to interpret his supplementary needs, as an overdose of some trace elements can cause many health problems.

Whatever dog food mix you decide to feed your dog, especially the cheaper food products which contains the unnecessary proteins, food fillers, coloring agents, preservatives and in some undesirable dog food products artificial flavors and meat by-products, it is imperative that food allergies be regularly monitored during feeding of various dog food products especially when feeding the cheaper processed dog food.

The highly recommended dog food which will provide your dog with his full quota of essential ingredients and provide your dog with all his nutritional needs as in protein, carbohydrates and essential fats, then you will need to invest a little more cash and receive peace of mind that your dog will be receiving a healthy and nutritious dog food diet and assist in your dog’s long term health and well-being.

The recommended dog food which I wholeheartedly recommend through many years of owning dogs and feeding them for long healthy life, the dog food products is dehydrated dog food which contains all your dog’s essential ingredients and being freeze dried – to keep overall manufacturing costs down, and will supply your dog with all the nutrients that your dog needs.

Dehydrated dog food brands include – Acana Dog Food and this is one of the dog food brands that I use, although there are others which are equally nutritious. Buying your dog products at the #1 Leading Online Pet Supplies Store offers Free shipping – to your door, on most Orders over $35.

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dog food allergies inner secrets revealed

Be aware that you may come across your dog itching following his dog food meal, and then you can suspect a food allergy condition.

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