Dog Dishes. Few Tips

Dog Dishes Few Tips
Dog Dishes Few Tips

By placing your dog’s dish in a busy and noisy place can result in your dog quickly becoming anxious.

Dogs Dishes A Few Tips

A Few Tips About Your Dog’s Food and Water Dishes

As a dog owner you will probably realize that for the majority of dogs feeding time is the highest point of the dog’s day. For the dog owner it is not only the time that you can ensure your dog receives his full quota of essential ingredients within his daily dog food mix, but also that your dog’s mealtime is the ideal opportunity for you to bond with your favorite non-human companion your adorable family dog.

We are always told, and it’s true, that dogs are still behave like pack animals and prefer to be close and a part of the family – both human and canine company, although unfortunately, we need to accept that mealtime for your family dog should be quality time for him, without the hustle and bustle of daily family life.

By placing your dog’s dog dish in the middle of the kitchen where he is he is trying to eat his meal, yet being bombarded with people walking back and fore, and also being accompanied by the noise and constant activity of a busy modern day kitchen, can have an adverse influence on your dog’s behavior especially at mealtimes.

By placing your dog’s dish in a busy and noisy place can result in your dog quickly becoming anxious and being forced to be gulping his food, which can directly cause digestive problems. In addition, he can very easily become over protective of his food and snap at any all family members who dare to venture too close to his dog bowl, especially while eating but not necessarily only when he is eating, as he can become over protective of the dog food dish.

Generally, these gulping and snapping activities can be avoided simply by selecting an out of the way place where there is peace and quiet, and the designated place need to be reserved for your dog’s mealtime pursuits. The placing of the dog dish in a quiet place can allow your dog or puppy to relax and therefore savior his meal without interruptions with peace and quiet.

Select the peaceful place for your dog or puppy with extreme care, as the favored area need to be uncarpeted that means it will be easily cleaned. Dogs can be notorious for being very messy eaters, by spilling the contents of the food dish all around the floor and possibly even having dog food on the walls. So when deciding to select an area for your dog’s food dish, ensure within the area there is any items that can be damaged or near items that can be damaged when becoming soiled.

It is highly recommended that the area you decide is the perfect place for your dog food dish – that will offer him peace and quiet, it also the ideal place to leave your dog’s drinking dish, which need to be cleaned daily and filled with clean fresh water, being available for your dog twenty-four hours a day with uninterrupted access. If you have wood floors in the chosen area, then you will need to buy a waterproof mat, as dogs are messy drinkers and dripping water onto wooden floors is not recommended.

The best quality dog dishes for your dog is a matter of preference by the dog owner, although it is highly recommended to buy the highest quality ceramic, Pyrex or stainless steel bowls to feed your dog or puppy. The added advantages to high quality is that they will be heavy so they will not be capable of tipping or spilling their food or water contents while he is eating or drinking.

It is recommended by the experts that avoid buying plastic food dishes because they are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, and concerning for the dog plastic bowls or dishes can retain the smell of cleaning materials and the smells and remnants of previous meals, which can discourage your dog from eating the contents and could possibly could become nutritiously deficient.

Caution must be exercised when deciding the method for cleaning the dog dishes as cleaning with strong detergents or bleach can leave toxic residue on the dog dish and very easily becoming dangerous to your dog’s health. Instead, regularly wash the dog’s feeding and dog water dishes between feedings with a mild detergent and always rinse thoroughly to ensure there are no remnants of detergent remaining.

We should be aware that older dogs suffer from arthritis and many other related dog health problems that can and will make eating their daily dog food difficult. It is imperative that with the older dog will need their dog dishes elevated above the floor so your older dog have easier access to his daily dog food mix. You can buy high quality elevated dog dishes at affordable prices from any online pet supplies stores.

When it comes to buying dog dishes, you have a lot of options, from using an old pot to buying a hand-thrown ceramic bowl with your dog’s name painted on it. Dishes designed to store up to a couple of days’ worth of food or water are available, as are paper bowls good for one meal only (the latter most commonly used at boarding kennels and veterinary hospitals).

You will probably prefer sturdy dishes of molded plastic or stainless steel that resist chewing or scratching and can be sterilized in the dishwasher. These dishes – especially stainless steel – retain their good looks, handle any abuse a dog can dish out, and last forever. Dishes that damage easily are hard to keep clean and invite the buildup of food and bacteria in the dents and scratches. Some dogs also have sensitivity to plastic bowls.

For tall dogs, consider an elevated unit that brings the bowl up to the dog’s level, an especially kinder product for older dogs. For dogs with long, silky ears – like cocker spaniels – look for bowls with a narrow opening and high sloped sides to keep that fur out of the muck. If your dog is a ravenous eater, a bowl with a nonskid base will help keep the dish from ending up sliding all over the floor.

Some people are a little squeamish about putting dog dishes in the dishwasher, but, honestly, if your dishwasher’s doing its job right, the water will be hot enough to render everything in it clean enough for you to eat out of. With modern dishwashers they will be no risk of cross contamination of utensils when washing your dog dishes in the dishwasher, furthermore after washing your dog dishes will be sterile and super clean.

The Water Bowl

While dog food dishes should be picked up, washed thoroughly, and put away in a clean area after meals, water dishes need to be kept full of clean with fresh water and available at all times throughout day and night with your dog having uninterrupted access to the drinking water. Here, too, stainless steel water dishes are your best choice as they are easily cleaned with mild detergent. Dog dishes with reservoirs are fine, but they’re hard to keep clean and this issue you need to take into account before committing yourself before buying. And, unless your dog needs a lot of water, these products get mucky before the water needs to be refilled.

For outside water, the “Lixit,” available in any pet-supply store or catalog, has long been a popular device. Attached to a faucet, it releases fresh water when the dog licks or nuzzles the trigger – and stops the flow when the dog is through. They need to be installed in a protected area, however, for the metal can become frying-pan hot if exposed to full summer sun.

All water sources need to be sheltered from both heat and freezing cold, or they won’t be available to your dog – a potentially deadly situation in extreme weather. As for keeping water warm, there are heated bowls available to keep water from freezing, as well as special devices designed to fit into buckets to do the same thing.

If you and your dog are constantly on the go, look into a more portable water source. Several different kinds of traveling dog bowls are designed to reduce splashing and some collapsible dog food dishes and water dishes products can be put away in a space as small as a fanny pack.

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Dog Dishes. Few Tips

These gulping and snapping activities can be avoided simply by selecting an out of the way place where there is peace and quiet.

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