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preventing boredon in dogs

do your dog have access to dog toys, dog chew toys?

Preventing or stopping boredom in dogs.

Helping to eliminate undesirable behaviors.

How often have you heard fellow dog owners complaining that their dog keep escaping from their yard, their dog has now become a neighbourhood nuisance and his undesirable behavior of digging and his persistent running along beside, under and over the fence is driving him crazy? I queried whether the dog is suffering from boredom, and his explanation was that he used to play and explore his surroundings, although now he said he don’t seem to bother to amuse himself. He is convinced that all the dog needs is a yard to play in, without any type of stimulating dog toys – Brain Teazers.

I asked the concerned dog owner if the yard was an interesting place for your dog to play and explore, whether your dog had access to dog toys, dog chew toys and his answer was a resounding no, as his dog was more than capable of finding his own means of entertainment within his yard area. I explained his dog needs stimulating activity preferable with himself as an aid to both bonding with each other and valuable socializing activities, there are many excellent quality dog toys that can be bought cheaply with will enhance both lives and at the same time offer extremely valuable exercise for both him and his dog.

An excellent dog toy for maximizing enjoyment and interaction for his dog is the Kong Classic Toy this particular high quality engagement play toy for all sizes of dogs is perfect for stuffing with dog treats, with its unpredictable bounce being perfect for games of fetch and will engage your dog and yourself in a multitude of ways. This classic toy is recommended worldwide by Veterinarians, Dog Trainers and caring dog enthusiasts and is accepted as the gold standard of dog toys for over 36 years. Super bouncy and made from red natural rubber being unequalled for dogs who crave chewing and placing healthy dog treats into the Kong Classic keeps dogs happily entertained, working and more importantly out of trouble for long periods of time – Chewing among other activities relieves stress in dogs – Enriching Your Dog’s Life.

Unfortunately, my fellow dog owner’s perception seems common knowledge as any caring dog owner will understand that dogs are not yard ornaments, they must receive daily stimulation and not left alone in the yard to get bored. Researching the valuable services that are offered by dogs – Guide Dogs, Support Dogs, Rescue Dogs etc, it must be accepted that dogs are thinking creatures and have natural instincts such as digging – as in rescue dogs, chasing as in retrieving and herding, and socializing as in guide dogs and support dogs – supporting disabled people – Service and Assistance Dogs.

Dogs are social creatures and at their best when part of social ‘pack’ as humans include dogs within their pack as we make positive decisions when offering dogs as an integrated part of our families. When unintentionally or intentionally depriving your dog the use of his natural basic instincts and inherent social needs that he craves creates problems with boredom from lack of basic stimulation.

I honestly explained to the concerned – although he seemed oblivious to his dog’s basic needs, which his dog was escaping from his yard because his basic needs was not being adequately met. The dog lacked stimulation through entertaining dog toys and deprived of the most basic interaction which is very valuable for him for bonding purposes, as such the dog was developing adverse and undesirable or even dangerous behaviors – while escaping from yard colliding with car or attacking another pet or passer-by.

After explaining in detail how the dog owner can enrich his dog’s life by alleviate the boredom as well as developing or stopping ‘bad’ behaviors, his reply was to suggest “I didn’t realise the trouble with law enforcement and the problems with the neighbors that dogs can cause, maybe he is too much trouble to keep him so need to consider getting rid of him.”

Obviously, not every owner of a dog will consider that a commitment to the needs of a dog is part and parcel of owning a dog, in this case it was expecting too much for this owner to commit to a few simple steps to ensure his dog’s life contains stimulation through exercise activity and playful interaction. However, it is an important commitment as a caring dog owner recognizing boredom and incorporating interactive activities with dog toys and other cheaply available chewy toys that can be used to great effect to keep your dog stimulated and enriching your dog’s life.

Getting your dog out of the yard and into a variety of interesting places so they can gain life experience and how to handle many interesting and sometimes testing situations, so all in all even when your dog is spending a part of the day in our yards, with the available dog toys, especially the dog toys which stimulate socializing interaction similar to the Dog Rope ToyFree Shipping on Orders over $35, the tug of war pet ropes and ball game which is the genuine yard agility training equipment, it is a genuine interactive tug of war dog toy which will have you and your pup or dog on your feet and engaging in stimulating and active play.

This is an excellent dog toy to encourage your dog to become and maintain healthy activity as the dog rope toy comprises of double the chewing options for dogs or pups – on one side there is a tennis ball, the other side comprises of a chewy non-toxic rubber sleeve with spikey nubby surface, when dog nibbles on nubs it will clean his teeth as an added bonus. The Dog Rope Toy is a high quality braided cotton rope dog toy perfect for tug of war between you and your family dog to aid bonding and high fitness levels of both you and your dog.

Living in the suburbs, to a greater extent living the rural areas, generally dogs seem to lack adequate socializing as owner prefer to use the luxury of the yard for their dogs to entertain themselves. Owners tend to believe their dogs don’t need walking as an exercise. However, dog walks are essential for socializing opportunities to impress into the dog that the world is not to be feared.

Dog owners especially in the city with caring owners, receive several walks a day. Which means the dogs are regularly out and about meeting various people? In addition to hearing and seeing traffic, and also learning to ignore as a threat bikes, walking over different types of surfacing and getting to go to the dog park. There is popular belief that keeping dogs in cities is cruel, yet offers better opportunities for the suburban or country dog to become socialized from the enriched lifestyle of living in the city or the country – 17 Best US Cities for Dogs. From a socializing point of view, city life for a dog can be wonderful with the dog showing no fear, fright or concern for a person wearing a hood, flapping coat or a fast moving vehicle passing by closely. It seems living in the city and suburbs because we have access to many opportunities that we just crave the desire to force ourselves outdoors with our beautiful companion and explore our surroundings.

Expanding Knowledge for the Caring Dog Owner.


preventing boredom

Do your dog have an interesting place for your dog to play and explore?

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