Dehydration Risks in Puppies

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A proper fresh clean drinking water intake is essential for keeping all the various bodily functions up and running at their optimal rate.

Water Needs and Risk of Dehydration in Puppies

Dog owners are often not sure about the correct amount of fluid intake for their family puppies, and this can often lead to confusion or the unwary dog owner could even be oblivious to the short or long term development of a number of very serious and damaging health conditions for their precious puppies. A proper fresh clean drinking water intake is essential for keeping all the various bodily functions up and running at their optimal rate, as well as, helping in regulating the body temperature of the dog in question. A number of accurate dog products are available in the market that can help any owner to keep track of the net fluid intake of their puppies without having to give up on their day job.

However, the fact remains that it is the owners’ responsibility to ensure that their puppies receive adequate amount of hydration each day and it is also important that their puppy’s fluid intake is carefully monitored and assessed on a daily basis and if there is a risk of your dog becoming dehydrated, then immediate action must be implemented, it must be understood by dog owners that dehydration in dogs has serious implication on the health and vitality of young dogs, puppies and as a dog owner you must accept responsibility for your dog’s health and welfare.

Owners can pick up clues regarding the likely state of dehydration that their puppy is suffering from signs such as sunken eyes, loss of appetite, lethargy, and depression among others. Even though a balanced meal is essential for keeping a young dog healthy, but adequate hydration is also essential and necessary to keep the digestive system running for being able to absorb all the essential ingredients that supply the daily intake of nutrients consumed throughout your puppy’s diet. Dehydrated dog food products have become highly popular among many dog owners because of the convenience it provides of being fresh for long duration without the necessity to keeping cool in the dry form, without the added serious risk of going stale and developing a dangerous mold which can become toxic to all dog’s as well as humans – the byproduct of molds is a toxin which can be a dangerous threat to your all dog’s health.

However, since these dog food products lose most of their inherent water content due to the manufacturing processing procedure, they are unable to supply the same amount of fluid that their normal wet counterparts do. Therefore, dog owners ought to be highly alert regarding the shortfall in fluid intake that takes place due to the consumption of such dehydrated dog products by their pets. Keeping your dog hydrated is a simple but methodical process and the process involves allowing all dogs to have continuous and unrestricted access to clean, fresh drinking water through the day and night, although the fresh drinking water must the changed at least once a day, twice or more per day preferably.

Feeding your dogs a natural dry raw dog food daily diet in essence means that the dog owner must be aware of all the dog’s intake and outtake of fluids, with the only sure way of getting the fluid levels in your dog or puppy correct, is to monitor daily, assess your dog’s signs of hydration and remember the importance of writing the stats and findings down so as to have a daily log record in an effort to balance the findings over the days, weeks and monthly periods.

Dog owners must be aware that dehydrated raw dog food products are not subject to extremely high temperatures in the manufacturing process, because the only process that the natural raw dog food is subject to is being freeze dried. where as in the manufacturing process of processed dog food as the raw ingredients are potentially toxic in nature, the processed ingredients in processed dog food are thus subject to extremely high temperatures, so natural raw dry dog food the manufacturing process don’t involve heat and as such do not suffer the inevitable destruction of most of your puppies and dog’s daily essential vitamins, essential minerals and essential trace elements, so feeding your dog natural raw dry dog food supplies the full quota of your puppy’s essential ingredients.

Importantly a percentage of your dog’s essential ingredients your dog is unable to recreate in his digestive system, so if his daily diet is deficient in any of the essential ingredients, then you must supplement the missing ingredients to make up for the loss to avoid your dog suffering the numerous deficiency diseases that can affect your dog in the short to long term health if deprived of his essential ingredients deficiencies, there is a downside to this convenient dry food is that the natural dry dog food must be correctly hydrated with fresh clean drinking water before feeding the hydrated dry food to your dog.

Feeding bowls are available with accurate calibration to help dog owners keep a close tab on the total water intake by their pets on any given day. Many of these feeding bowls also come with a heavy bottom to help avert the chances of the dog knocking them over, or unsettling them enough to spill a considerable amount of the water contained by these and thereby skew the intake results if water is wasted. Relying on these dog products will help in ensuring that a dog is not drinking less than an ounce of water for each pound of its bodyweight, which is the ideal hydration level.

Owners must also make sure that there are not sores, stuck foreign objects, or wounds inside the oral cavity of their your pet because this can lead to a decrease in fluid intake. Moreover, dog owners carrying excess water while travelling is a good idea because most of them tend to rely upon dehydrated dog food products when they are away from their homes. Thus, following a few simple thumb rules is going to suffice in ensuring the adequate fluid intake for any pet puppy or dog when you feed your pet any natural raw dog food as dehydration can become a serious threat if you do not allow you dog access to clean fresh drinking water.

When feeding wet dog food without adequate access to fresh clean drinking water, your family dog can again show signs of dehydration and can be damaging to his health. It remains important that the dog owner need to read, understand and follow the clearly printed instructions and guidelines which are clearly printed and displayed on the dog product package, shopping for your dog supplies at DogSiteWorldStore you will have access to the in-depth information on all dog products, and be given the opportunity to choose relevant products up to 50% discounted pricing – all on the same product page.

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When feeding natural raw dog food without adequate access to fresh clean drinking water, your family dog can again show signs of dehydration and can be damaging to his health.

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