Bringing Your Dog Home


People often say that all the love that you put in, a pet will give u back. And the love multiplies many-fold if the pet is a dog. When you get your dog home he might take some time getting used to the sound and the smell around. As a dogs parent, one needs to spend sufficient time every day training, feeding, exercising and grooming their dog to make the relationship rewarding.

There are some basic guidelines that one must observe to ensure the well-being of their companion. A rich diet that addresses their specific dog health needs, age, breed and activity level is a must. Other tips include regular visits to a veterinary to get a view on nutrition level and weight, giving the required vaccinations on time and dental check-up. An inspection of your dog for fleas and ticks during warm seasons is also critical. Ear cleaning and nail trimming are other routine activities that will be beneficial for your dog.

Heartworms that are transmitted from one dog to another through mosquito bites and intestinal parasites are also common and can have severe health consequences for your dog and should be prevented by regular use of subscribed products. Females should be spayed and males neutered by six months of age to reduce the risk of breast cancer in females and prevent testicular and prostrate disease in males. While travelling a special dog harness should be attached to the car seat belt to ensure a safe transit.

Lastly, one must attach an ID tag or implant a microchip to their dog to secure their dog’s return in case of being lost.

Investing time will ensure a lifetime of benefit for you and your dog. To summarize an enriched environment must to be provided and appropriate care should be taken to ensure a long-term health and the all important dog welfare of your dog.

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