An Overview of Dental Care For Dogs


Dog Health Many people do not realize how important it is to care for their dog’s teeth- a need which increases as a dog ages. The ideal way to ensure proper dental health for your dog is to start when they are young. And since many dogs do not like their mouths being touched, dog owners are advised to desensitize them to being handled when they are at a young age. The best way to achieve this is to begin touching your pup from the outset so that a vet will not have problems when they need to examine your dog. You may begin by touching the lips, opening the mouth, and touching the teeth in a relaxing and calm way for about five minutes each day until your pup is used to being handled in such a manner. Make this a regular part of interactions with your dog to ensure that he remains calm when any kind of preventative dental care is being done on him.

Dog Health Proper dog dental health is a small investment in effort and time on your part but be assured that it will result in numerous dividends for your dog. Besides eliminating some causes of heart disease, clean teeth can result in extending your dog’s life.

Dog Health Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

According to experts, up to 75% of middle-aged dogs develop canine periodontal disease with much of this being attributed to the progressive buildup of tartar. However, the good news is that with the appropriate dental care, gum disease is largely preventable- it is simply a matter of having a regular cleaning routine and making the right food choices for your dog. Studies also continue to reveal a clear statistical link between heart problems in dogs and gum disease with significant associations being detected between the severity of periodontal disease and the risk of cardiovascular-related conditions such as cardiomyopathy and endocarditis. For any dog owner, this should serve to illustrate the point that good dental hygiene for dogs goes beyond fresh breath and sparkling teeth, desirable as these may be. It has real implications for their health, affecting both the potential duration and quality of a dog’s life. Keeping your dog’s teeth clean can be achieved in the following ways:

1. Brushing

Dog Health Vets recommend brushing your dog’s teeth at least twice a week- and even better if you could do it once a day. Use dog toothpaste and a child’s toothbrush or alternatively, pick up a kit with both paste and brush from your local pet store. When brushing, pay special attention to the back teeth- especially the upper ones. You only need to clean the outside as the inside of the teeth tend to stay clean on their own.

2. Chewy Bone Treats

Dog Health Rawhide �bones’ in conjunction with other hard bone-like treats (such as Checkups and Denta Stix) are recommended, both as an aid in keeping teeth clean, and for the jaw exercise involved and healthy gum massage effect. While these are not a substitute for brushing, they, nonetheless, help in keeping your dog’s teeth clean.

3. Dry Food

Dog Health Of the available commercial food choices in the market, feeding your dog dry food is advisable owing to its mildly abrasive action. However, you still need to brush.

4. Meaty Bones

Dog Health Besides being a great food source, the best natural teeth cleaner is, arguably, providing your dog with chewy meat bones (turkey necks are particularly effective). A dog that is on a weekly regimen of raw meaty bones is likely to keep its teeth clean without having to brush them too much. Additionally, the exercise provided not only to its jaws but to the rest of its body is a further health benefit.

5. Tartar Removal

Dog Health Even well maintained dog teeth may have some areas where there is a buildup of tartar with a dog whose teeth are neglected likely to have a lot of tartar. Either way, this should be eliminated. Variously referred to as calculus, tartar is mineralized plaque (the white stuff on teeth that is usually found around gum lines) which if not cleaned off regularly, hardens into tartar which must be scraped off using a dental scaler. Dog owners must ensure their family dog remains in excellent dog health, and includes ensuring your dog health health includes good dental health.

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