3 Essential Dog Walking Accessories

3 Essential Dog Walking Accessories


Whether you are walking a puppy or an adult dog, there are some key dog accessories that you will need. I have owned several dogs, and I am currently the owner of a Yorkshire Terrier and Doberman Pinscher. Although both dogs are completely different sizes, they both need the same high quality dog walking accessories.

Dog Accessories A dog coat

My Yorkshire Terrier does not feel the cold that much, but my Doberman, Sadie, hates being cold. I have invested in several different dog coats for her, and they have proven to be really good investments.

There are many different types of dog coats or dog jackets, but the main two coats your dog will need will be a rain and a thermal coat.
Thermal coats are excellent when it comes to cold weather. Fleece coats are the best as they will also for excess body heat to escape.

Dogs do not sweat like us humans, but they still get warm and need to lose that excess heat.

Raincoats are often made out of padded or quilted material, and some of them may even come with hoods. I find that most dogs are not very keen on hoods, and a coat with a hood may make it difficult for you to attach the dog lead to the dog collar.

Dog Treats

Dog Training a dog is an ongoing process and it never ends, and dog treats are an important part of the process.

Dog treats are essential when it comes to training your dog, and when I go walking I make sure that I fill my pockets with little treats. Smaller treats are the best as your dog will not need a large treat. A little nimble the size of a small cat biscuit will do just fine.

Dog Toys

You don’t want to carry too many dog toys with, however a ball on a rope is a good idea. A ball on a rope is easy to carry and easy to throw. Some dogs don’t like picking up balls and prefer ropes. A ball on a rope is a light weight versatile toy which will suit both you and your canine friend.

There are many other dog walking accessories as well, and you will soon find out if your dog has any special needs or requirements.

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3 Essential Dog Walking Accessories.

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